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Banana loaf recipe - with pictures

The way I make my banana loaf has evolved a little since I first wrote about it, so I thought I would update my recipe. With pictures! 481 more words


Spelt Banana Tahini Maple Loaf

Bit of a mouthful of a title but Banana Bread doesn’t quite seem to do this little number justice! This is quite a quick recipe to throw together and Rupert loves it as a snack or for pudding. 287 more words


Another Banana Loaf!

This banana loaf has added pineapple & honestly…this cake is so moist & delicious that it might me the only one I bake anymore! I used to make this cake years ago & it got set aside for other cakes, breads, loaves…whatever banana baked goods are called!! 359 more words


"The One Recipe" - Banana Loaf

That’s what J.R.R. Tolkien would call the recipe if he was writing this article – “The One Recipe to bind them all“! While it’s not the oldest recipe in the file, it’s certainly the most used – and for me the most revered. 428 more words


A Watchful Eye....

She had the tiniest dark eyes I’d ever seen–and the sweetest smile when it came to her later years. My great grandma  Emma–she always said I’d carry on her legacy as a baker. 323 more words

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Banana Loaf

Hey guy,

another Sunday’s here. Today I wanna show you my favourite banana loaf recipe. 237 more words


Gluten Free Banana and Chocolate Loaf

You have to admit, most of us have had a great summer so far – weather wise at least. We have certainly been making the most of the new French doors, on our extension, on these warm summer evenings 😀😀 173 more words