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Chocolate Banana Bread Recipe - Yummy breakfast treat!

Every now and then I would buy way too much bananas. They ripen and ripen away until I do not fancy to eat them anymore. That is always a cue for the banana bread! 267 more words


The Banana Loaf History and Free Basic Recipe

Back in the day, the Filipinos only ate fresh banana fruits and threw the overripe ones to the pigs. It was, supposedly, the Americans who showed us one of the best ways to preserve this fruit by making a bread out of it. 194 more words


Banana, yogurt and chocolate cake (gluten-free)

I had never been a fan of banana cake, the too-moist and almost-mouldy flavour of some banana loafs gives me the cringe. This hearty banana cake is a great way to use up any leftover bananas.   176 more words

Q. What can you do with 2 Over Ripe Bananas 2 Small Monkeys refuse to touch?

One of my Monkeys (sorry, Kids) will not touch a banana with the slightest sign of ripeness. The other, won’t even eat bananas.

Rather than chuck soft blackened bananas in the trash, I’ve come up with a way to magically transform them into something so delicious that even my resident banana hater will consume it and ask for more… 341 more words

Home-made Recipes

Battle of the Banana Bread

I had a ball with these photos, and I’ve spent the last few hours trying to sort through them all as I took waaayyy too many. 557 more words


June was a little... Dull.

As the title mentioned, June was not a very happening month for me. As mid-semestral examinations happened during the start of June, I spent my days on the first week of June mugging away at home, which was boring and sad… 291 more words


Banana Loaf

What is better than a freshly made banana cake with melted chocolate inside?

This moist Banana cake went quickly at the Hub Coffee House.

I also tried a different version with a homemade caramel glaze on top… 186 more words

The Hub Coffee House