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Banana Loaf

Hey guy,

another Sunday’s here. Today I wanna show you my favourite banana loaf recipe. 237 more words


Gluten Free Banana and Chocolate Loaf

You have to admit, most of us have had a great summer so far – weather wise at least. We have certainly been making the most of the new French doors, on our extension, on these warm summer evenings 😀😀 173 more words

By Special Request

Every so often my family will make requests for their favourites, whether it’s the oatmeal pancakes, or homemade pizza, chocolate chip cookies, or as today, the request was for Mom’s Banana Loaf – it also comes with chocolate chips! 126 more words


When dad says he wants 'nothing' for Fathers day...

When it comes to Fathers’ day dads can be well… awkward by asking for ‘nothing’. My friends’ agree that their dads do this too.  You want to give them something but the question is what? 554 more words

Gluten-free vegan banana bread

It’s been seven months since we moved into our very own house. Seven months and I am finally getting my wardrobe. Now that there are shelves and rails to hang clothes, all that’s left to do is the sliding doors. 353 more words


Banana & Chocolate Chip Loaf

Normally overripe bananas in my house end up in the freezer for smoothies but I decided to re-work my banana loaf using a few brown bananas that were shouting ‘use me, use me’ so use them I did! 309 more words

Gluten Free

My Best Banana Bread

Guys, I think I’m addicted… To banana bread! So are my grandparents, by the way. Yesterday, I came back from visiting my grandparents in France. They wanted to live a bit healthier, but they still wanted to treat themselves. 352 more words