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Banana Mars Bar Loaf - So Easy And A Real People Pleaser.

The boss bought far too many bananas on sale and so I stepped up and offered to make a banana loaf. Usually I find these a tad boring so I searched the internet for ways to add a little zing and the edition of Mars Bars caught my eye. 148 more words


Fool-Proof Coconut Banana Loaf (With A Top-Secret Ingredient!)

Today’s cooler temperatures and overcast skies made it feel like fall is just around the corner. And one of my favourite things about fall is baking: loaves, muffins, cookies, and cakes–all of the things that felt like too much effort during the hot summer months. 189 more words



The past two days I’ve been off work sick with a fever (SAD FACE), so there was no exploring this weekend for me. Instead, I remained in my pyjamas flaked out on the couch watching re runs and the current season of… 265 more words


A New Look for Our Banana Loaves

Do you like the new look/packaging of our banana loaves? This kind of packaging can preserve the freshness longer so we decided to not just level up on the bread’s look but also on its quality. 31 more words


Recipe | Banana Bread

A slice of banana bread, a cup of tea and a good book. Doesn’t that sound bliss? It’s one of my favourite ways to wind down at the end of the day. 393 more words


Banana Bread Health Benefits

It is obvious by now that our customers’ favorite baked good to order is our Banana Bread. Whether you settle for the cashew, almond or nutty glazed type, did you know that you get a lot of nutrients by eating this sweet-smelling, scrumptious loaf? 389 more words


Banana Loaf History and Prime Ingredients Unveiled

Making bread is all about the right choice of ingredients. So as you buy your first loaf tin, liners, spatula and cooling rack, it’s time to find out which prime ingredients you will include in your banana recipe… 542 more words