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Angel Hair Pasta With Yellow Pepper Sauce (& lots of other good stuff)

I had my eye on a sweet bell pepper in the garden slowly transitioning to yellow. It still had a slight tinge of green but I decided to enjoy it before the insects did. 321 more words


Turning Colder

The weather is getting a little cooler, and will turn cold tomorrow night.  There has been a freeze watch issued, though our low temperature will be in the upper 30’s.    75 more words


Fried Banana Peppers Stuffed with Cheese- Cheese Stuffed Chilli Bajji- Step by Step

Hello :)

It has been pouring nonstop the last few days here in Bangalore, and I could not stop thinking of snacking over some hot… 598 more words


Produce and Rain

We had a bunch of rain yesterday.  I don’t know how much, as my weather station was out of commission and had to be reset, unfortunately. 92 more words


More Produce and Bucket Gardens

This week has been fun.  I started out the week by planting some tomatoes and lettuce in buckets in Socorro.  Actually, that’s not entirely true.  One of the buckets I had planted tomatoes last year sprouted.   90 more words


Tomatoes and Peppers

I picked quite a few tomatoes and peppers from the garden this week.

7 oz of green chile
1 oz of banana peppers
46 oz of beefsteak tomatoes… 81 more words


This Week's Produce

I did not get hardly anything done in my garden, but I did pick:

7 oz Beefsteak Tomatoes
1 oz Roma Tomatoes
5 oz Yellow Pear Tomatoes… 51 more words