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Roasted potatoes with cheese curds and pickled peppers.

We visit Long Beach, WA at least once a year and often stay at the Adrift Hotel. Located just steps from the beach and in the middle of a trail and boardwalk that runs for miles, we are content to spend most of our time wandering up and down the coast, on foot or the bicycles you can borrow from the hotel. 816 more words


recipe: devilish devilled eggs

Eggs are a great thing to eat! Known as nutritional powerhouses, these conveniently packaged little goodies are bursting with protein, vitamin B12 (which is pretty tough to get, especially if you’re a vegetarian!), iron, zinc, choline, and the list goes on. 517 more words


In the Garden, Weeks 22 & 23

Whew! We made it…here we are at the end of the gardening season! As I was about to leave our garden plot yesterday afternoon, I took one last look around and thought, “see you next year.” I do love… 441 more words


In the Garden, Weeks 19 & 20

In case you were wondering, the answer is yes, I’m still here. But I’ve been on deadline, frantically tapping away at my keyboard late into the night and through glorious autumn weekend days to finish my latest book on time. 470 more words


Red Hot Sweet Pepper Jelly

This year we’ve let the garden grow a bit longer than we usually do.  Often by this time of year we’ve gathered about all we are going to get and about all that we can handle.   924 more words

Banana Peppers

Sunday Funday, Thug Chef Tip: Perfect Stuffed Banana Peppers

Slice those ripe garden peppers on each end, not just the top by the stem.  Once stuffed with hot sausage, or your fave stuffer, place in oven at 350 for about 45 minutes.  16 more words


Green Pepper Stir-Fry With Pearl Barley


I know it’s been a while but,  I’ve got a delicious recipe to make it up! This season is green pepper season, some are sweet, some are spicy and they’re the perfect ingredient for your fall recipes. 201 more words