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A story of Canadian financial failures - all in one bike!

Yup, I know – it doesn’t look like much, and I almost left it where I found it – awaiting a metal crusher so that it could be turned into rebar at the Stelco plant in Regina (or wherever they send the mass of metal that is gathered up from the many  municipal transfer sites in the province. 124 more words

Rescued And Returned To Use

Life with Bikes Chapter 1: My First Bike

I recently started experimenting with my commute by completing a leg by bicycle. It’s about 15 miles, winding along the beautiful San Francisco Bay, and affords me about an hour to collect my thoughts. 1,651 more words

Banana Seat

Day 20 in a month: What a Beautiful Day for a Bike Ride

It is the last Saturday of summer here in Bloomington, Minnesota and an absolutely beautiful, picture-perfect sunny and breezy day. One might think that because I titled this piece “a beautiful day for a bike ride” that I actually have been on my bike recently. 1,570 more words

Memory Monday: The Birthday Gift

Being the youngest of four, I got used to hand-me-downs. And, when I did get something that mom and dad bought me new it was usually built with… 252 more words

Wayfarer's Journal

The Best Christmas Ever

It was The Best Christmas Ever.

I think I was ten. It was still dark out when I tiptoed down the hall into my mom and dad’s bedroom to ask if we could get up yet. 512 more words

You Should Be Cruising With Lucy

Up at the market podium is a 1960’s AMF Roadmaster Debutante Deluxe. This pixie (girl’s bike) still has dust to kick up. She’s been around the block and has seen the shine of fresh paint and chrome, but don’t let her current complexion fool you. 77 more words


The town that built me!

So as I have been trying to write this post for 3 days but can’t seem to keep my brain on task OR the tears from blocking my vision to see what I have typed! 1,119 more words