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Asleep by Banana Yoshimoto

Banana Yoshimoto’s Asleep is a collection of three short stories connected by the theme of sleep. I had never read Yoshimoto before; this book has been languishing on my shelves for ages, bought from a great warehouse of books that no longer exists. 443 more words

Book Review

TGR: Japanese fiction

Today I am going to talk about nothing that I previously said I would, and instead put an end to my annoying hiatus with a TGR on the  2,451 more words

Banana Yoshimoto: Kitchen

The place I like best in the world is the kitchen,” declares a youthful Mikage Sakurai at the beginning of “Kitchen“. 370 more words


Febookuary – Kitchen – And So Life Goes

So now we move on from a book that seemingly everyone has read to one that people do not have the foggiest idea as to what it’s about. 983 more words



Facendo merenda con tè bianco e miele ho pensato a una grande scrittrice: Banana Yoshimoto.

Amo leggere i suoi romanzi dalle atmosfere pulite e sottili e sorseggiando il mio tè mi è venuto in mente proprio Hagoromo, l’abito di piume. 183 more words


Designing a Kitchen!

The setting in any literary work is extremely important. In the novella, Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto, the kitchen(s) are symbolic of several important textual elements. For example, the kitchen becomes an extension of the self, a site of healing and alienation and a shared, safe space for the development of relationships. 71 more words

Arts Integration

'N.P.' by Banana Yoshimoto (Review)

As we head towards the end of the third January in Japan, I’ve been looking back at all the posts I’ve written for the event over the years.  1,065 more words