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Finishing Goodbye Tsugumi

I finished reading Goodbye Tsugumi.

The second half of the book seemed rather different from the first. The first was a sort of build up, a description of the strange character of Tsugumi, with various memories narrated, and a development of the relationship between Maria and Tsugumi. 332 more words


More of Goodbye Tsugumi

I’ve been reading more of Goodbye Tsugumi today. Another fifty pages – I’m still taking my time. Thinking about it. Thinking about my reactions to it. 1,194 more words


Goodbye Tsugumi: the beginning

I have begun with a book called Goodbye Tsugumi, by Banana Yoshimoto. I’ve read a few of her books, and I like them – I relate to them somehow, and also they are a quick read. 903 more words



One of my favorite moments in any sport is when someone rises to the occasion when all eyes are upon them. In my lifetime, probably Mary Lou Retton nailing the vault with a… 437 more words

Banana Yoshimoto, Kitchen

Buongiorno a tutti.
Ieri ho letto il mio primo romanzo di Banana Yoshimoto.

-È scritto in modo fresco, giovane e veloce.…
-Tratta, in poche pagine, i temi della morte, della solitudine, dell’amore (vari tipi di amore e di rapporti interpersonali). 100 more words

Banana Yoshimoto

Banana Yoshimoto: Goodbye Tsugumi

What if you were born frail, chronically ill and the doctors predicted that you would die young? What if death looms over you like a permanent ominous cloak without revealing when your time will finally be up? 335 more words


“Once you’ve recognized your own limits, you’ve raised yourself to a higher level of being, since you’re closer to the real you…” – Banana Yoshimoto