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“As I grow older, much older, I will experience many things and I will hit rock bottom again and again. Again and again I will suffer; again and again I will get back on my feet. 16 more words

A Light Amrita "Review"

I’m not having a good day today which is oddly making me want to review Amrita by Banana Yoshimoto. It’s been on the agenda for quite a while–(way before finishing the book actually)–but today I feel the need to get on with it for some very strange reason. 301 more words

Book Reviews

September 2016 Wrap Up

September was a great reading month considering all the stress I went through (look forward to my stressful September favorites coming your way). Although the consistency of my blog posts definitely suffered. 1,315 more words

Amrita - 79%

I’m almost done reading Amrita by Banana Yoshimoto and my heart’s still doing the crazy twirls. I don’t even know where to begin, and that’s the only way I’ve been able to put it since the start of the book. 197 more words

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Book Review - Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto

Book review originally published on August 29, 2016 in my Goodreads account. Also posted on September 1, 2016 in my first blog.

Is it logical for one to fall in love with a book that also broke one’s heart? 521 more words


Heading East

My life inextricably is woven around food and books. Sometimes, one leads to the other.

Three years ago, I had the opportunity to dine at Guppy by Ai. 401 more words

Between Pages

Banana & me

Hello everyone! Today I would like to introduce you to Banana Yoshimoto, one of my favourite writers so far.

In a few words, her name is Mahoko Yoshimoto and Banana is just a pen name. 298 more words