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Paleo Pancakes 

I love a good pancake. I would even eat them plain. No syrup, fruit, or whipped cream. I would just grab one and eat it up. 329 more words


Spiced Pumpkin Banana Bread

Its five months now that I have stopped eating packaged bread, except for a few exceptions when one is visiting friends. So whenever I get a craving for eating bread, I bake one. 452 more words

Healthy afternoon snack search...

I have recently been on a search for a tasty but healthy snack to satisfy my post lunch sweet cravings and keep me going for the rest of the afternoon at work. 339 more words

After a bit of tinkering........

I did a little bit of tinkering today, and in my opinion I now have my favourite individual loaf cake, Banana, Fudge and Pecan. The oohs and aahs from everyone around were the loudest I’ve heard and they taste incredible. 7 more words


Banana Cookies

Who would of ever thought you could have bananas in cookies? As I was searching the internet for more recipes of bananas I could share with everyone, I found this awesome recipe that I really want to try and I think a lot of other people would too. 131 more words


Double Chocolate Banana Muffins

Bananas are a food to be lauded. Their versatility is truly incredible. Pair them with chocolate, almonds, peanuts, pineapple, coconut…the list goes on and on. My roommates and I tend to have a great fondness for bananas. 372 more words


Banana-peanut butter protein smoothie

Nyt alkaa taas uusi kategoria, nimittäin reseptit! Rakastan ruoanlaittoa, joten ajattelin, että olisi kiva jakaa joitain lempireseptejäni täällä :) Rakastan smoothieita, sillä niitä löytyy jokaisen makuun ja joka tilanteeseen ja ne ovat yksiä maailman helpoimpia aamu- tai välipaloja. 276 more words