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Smoothie Love

One thing that many vegans struggle with is having time in the mornings to make breakfast for themselves. Once you remove dairy products from your diet like cows milk and butter the old standards of toast and cereal are no longer an option. 150 more words


SWEET TREATS: Vegan ice cream dreams

Yes, you read that title correctly, vegan ice cream. This is inspired by my foodie hero Gwyneth Paltrow, her vegan ice cream, this ice cream… 202 more words

Dairy Free

This little piggy had a smoothie

Two years ago, I got my mom a wooden little piggy cutting board. She has a thing for pigs. We have this little four inch tall statue of three pigs stacked on top of each other and another little clay sculpture of a pig that either my mom or sister made when they were little. 259 more words



Käisin eile nõbude Mario ja Robini pool. Teadsin, et Mario oli mingit kooki teinud, aga ätpsemalt ei teadnud ma midagi. Tuli välja, et valmis olid saanud ülitervislikud ja maitsvad pannkoogid, mis mulle olid väga meelepärased, kuna need olid ilma jahuta ja suhkruta. 681 more words


Banana Bread

Since the bananas started piling up in my freezer again, I decided to make some banana bread. I wanted to find a hearty recipe. After searching for a while, I came across… 236 more words


Banana-Caramel Cake

I love caramel! Everything that has to do with caramel is just awesome! That is why I wanted to make a caramel sauce because you can use them later. 206 more words


Kerala's favourite Banana Chips

Banana chips is an integral part of every Malayalee’s diet in Kerala. Its always present in festival meals, in homes, schools and offices as an all day snack and is a must have item in the baggage of every Malayalee going back from Kerala after their vacation. 89 more words