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Cinnamon Turmeric Pancakes

Can’t go wrong adding cinnamon to your pancakes… and you also can’t go wrong adding turmeric for extra color and anti-inflamatory and antioxident properties. These pancakes are healthy, beautiful, and delicious! 89 more words


Banane a l'Ouest

Sometimes, when you are trying or not trying to come up with a drink idea, you end up with something that you subconsciously realize is shit, but really you do like since your taste buds have become a bunch of bloody hipsters over the years. 255 more words


Thick Banana Smoothie

Making a smoothie / juice is part of my daily routine. One of my go-to smoothies is this thick banana smoothie, which is perfect for when I feel peckish in the late morning / early afternoon. 31 more words


Top 10 Whole30 Tips

Because Whole30 alumni never stop talking about Whole30, friends and family are bound to get curious about this thing that you just can’t shut up about. 3,054 more words

Vegan Banana and Peanut Butter Brownies

When I was growing up, brown bananas meant cake.  I firmly believe in upholding this tradition and sometimes even receive brown bananas from family in the hopes I’ll get the hint and bake.  475 more words