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When life gives you vrot bananas... make banana bread!

Vrot (this is the Afrikaans word for rotten or overripe – pronounced “frot”).

Overripe bananas have loads more flavour than fresh ones do. The browner and smooshier, the better! 106 more words

South Africa

The Stranana

The other day my friend Grant created what could have been the next Michael Jordan of smoothies. He calls this magnificent creation the “Stranana”, a hybrid of strawberries and bananas. 145 more words


Intrepid Explorers of the Banana Pancake Trail


Step aside, Alexander the Great and Marco Polo. Move over, you caravans of traders of the Silk and Spice Routes. Make way for the new hordes of Asian invaders: the intrepid explorers of the Banana Pancake Trail. 939 more words

Healthy snack.

Hello everyone,

Sorry for my absence lately. I was planning on writing about my visit to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter but it made such an impresion that I haven’t found the words to describe it yet. 153 more words


Banoffee balls

butter, flour, eggs, banana, Caramel Treat, whipping cream, chocolate ganache

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Best Pre-Workout Meal

And I don’t mean snack, I mean meal.

When you workout hard, especially lifting weights, your body needs energy, tons of energy. It is no secret that the most potent energy comes from carbohydrates (sorry low-carb diet followers, but it’s true). 446 more words


Leftover 411

I titled this post “Leftover 411″ because I have this saying – whenever I don’t know something I will say “What’s the 411!?” Example – I hear someone talking about the new peanut butter, cream cheese toaster pastries – and I’ll say “Really? 551 more words