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Pina Colada Smoothie Bowl

I made this bowl without preparation from a craving for something cool, fresh, and creamy.  This bowl certainly fits the bill.  As always, feel free to sub out any of the ingredients for something new, and let me know how it turns out! 82 more words


4-Ingredient Banana Oatmeal Cookies

There’s just something about oatmeal and bananas that make the perfect pair. Extra bonus if some sort of nut butter is involved in that combo too! 327 more words

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Do Bananas Cause Constipation?

Do bananas cause constipation or possibly they support in constipation alleviation? What exactly is their effect on our human gastrointestinal system? Having the clamor of distinct schools of thoughts in your head, it’s difficult to place a finger toward the fact. 575 more words


Sugar Free Banana Coconut Granola

Let’s talk about store-bought granola for a second, shall we?

Yes, it’s delicious.

Yes, it’s crunchy.

And yes, it’s often (totally unnecessarily) loaded with refined sugar. 257 more words


Solone lody bananowo-orzechowe - Salty banana-nut ice-cream (vegan)

Znalezienie dobrych jakościowo lodów, które nie zrujnują waszych założeń żywieniowych może okazać się nie lada wyzwaniem. A to cukier, a to syrop glukozowo-fruktozowy i mnóstwo innych składników, których nie chce się jeść nieważne jak gorąco na dworze. 316 more words


01 - Crispy cereal stick

Hello everybody! Today I’m going to speack about a delicious and simple snack: Crispy cereal stick flavoured banana.

A time ago, I ordered a korean snack box on… 169 more words


Banana Blossom Fritters (केळफुलाच्या वड्या)

I have met many people who have no idea about what banana blossom is! So indeed, they have no idea about delicacies we can make out of it. 276 more words