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Black and White Banana Loaf

It doesn’t matter there are two different banana breads on this blog and that I have already declared Dominique Ansel’s version perfect. I haven’t stopped making other banana bread recipes. 912 more words


Banana pancakes: the best family breakfast

OK, I know what you will all think now, so much for a blog with some proper adult baking and no “baby baking”: she makes one Guinness and chocolate cake and thinks she can get away with that, we turn our eyes for one second and we find ourselves with banana pancakes! 508 more words

Comfort Food

Gluten-refined-sugar-and-dairy-free, paleo banana bread

I had invited some friends over for a Saturday afternoon ‘tea’, at the time thinking that the ‘tea’ might be more of the type that goes with G&. 476 more words


Live, love, bake!

Sončni dnevi se kar vrstijo in tudi razpoloženje je takoj boljše :) Kljub temu, da sem zaposlena na polno, imam na ‘stand by-u’ še veliko receptov in idej, ki bi jih rada preizkusila. 251 more words


banana spring cakes 🍌💐

i actually do not know if you can get “chocolate bananas” all over the world but if not you REALLY like REALLY REALLY miss something out!!! 387 more words