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Are you hungry?

Oh dear, I am struggling with my stomach since I know myself :))…If there is a way in saying this.

I am hungry all the time. 201 more words


Trip To The Grocery Store

Not only is Lizzy not able to fit in the door to buy her groceries someone stole her shopping cart. Seriously!!! Who steals a shopping cart?


Rowse Honey‏, When banana and honey meet,

Rowse Honey‏ @rowsehoney 11m11 minutes ago

When banana and honey meet, they make THIS magic. Brush sliced bananas with honey and cinnamon and place on the grill or pan fry instead


Potassium deficiency

Potassium is a mineral essential for the proper functioning of your overall body. This means that low levels of potassium can have a serious influence on your bodily functions and affect your overall health.

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Heavenly Smoothie Bowl 🍌💗

Hi, i’m back! I’m sorry i didn’t post anything yesterday but i was kind of going through an identity crisis over here lol. I was just trying to find a new url for this blog because i felt like ‘peacefullyraw’ was too similar to ‘ 470 more words

Smoothie Bowl