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Banana Loaf (GF) with Passionfruit Butter

Bananas are well and truly in season now and this is a perfect way to use up ones that are a little bit too ripe for eating. 290 more words

Quick & Easy

In the garden 

In the gardenIt’s cold outside, while doing last minute cleaning in the garden, found some hidden treasure 🙂

While most of summer vegetables gone, garlic, radishes and peppers doing well. 8 more words

Thomas Pynchon's Banana Breakfast

At the beginning of Thomas Pynchon’s massive tome Gravitys Rainbow, Captain Geoffrey “Pirate” Prentice cooks up a bodacious banana breakfast for a bunch of hungover army officers— 318 more words



Bananas for scale is a multipurpose blog of notions on things, how they may or may not relate to one another. Like how big is your banana?

Japanese Kit Kat fans go crazy for new banana variety available only at Tokyo Station

With queues out the door for the new limited-edition Tokyo Banana Kit Kat, we grab a pack to see if it’s really worth all the hype. 745 more words


[On Living]

Sure doesn’t get easier.

But hey; homeostasis is a kind of wonder.

A Warning!!!!!

A warning!!!!!

I’m about to begin approximately two weeks of weird banana animated gifs here on the blog. I’ll explain why later. I don’t always have a reason for doing these things, but this time I do. 21 more words