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Spicy Cucumbers - Korean style

I make these spicy cucumbers ALL the time! They’re SO fast and easy, and so yummy as a side dish for meats and rice! And even in sandwiches. 203 more words


Kkakdugi 깍두기 (Cubed Daikon Kimchi)

I have an unholy passion for kimchi and I’m not ashamed to admit it! I simply can’t get enough of this spicy Korean delight and it seems I am not alone. 686 more words


You Could Call This The Worst Anniversary Dinner Ever

You could’ve called it the worst anniversary dinner ever.

This week, Husband and I were excited to celebrate our third wedding anniversary.

Yes, can you believe it? 526 more words

Life Lessons Took Me Long Time To Learn

Gyeran Jjim (계란찜) in Hot Pot - Savory Korean Egg Souffle

Gyeran/Kyeran Jjim(계란찜) or Dalgyal Jjim(달걀찜) is a Korean side dish made from eggs. Gyeran and Dalgyal both mean ‘egg’ in Korean. I know this must be always so confusing about the Korean language – there’s usually two different words that mean the same thing. 883 more words

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Kongjang (Soy Braised Soybeans)

My obsession with Korean food is reaching new heights, it’s basically soaring on the wings of eagles. My gang is getting at least two Korean dinners a week complete with… 341 more words


"It's the banchan lifestyle", philosophized A. Aototos.

Just replenished my supply at Han-Kook Market in Koreatown, Los Angeles, CA USA.

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cabbage kimchi

marinated broccoli

marinated squid

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seasoned garlic stalk

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I know every hipster man and his dog is doing a weekend fermentation class these days but I’ve always been interested in that arcane area of the culinary arts. 893 more words