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A rose to mask my smelly lunch...

Kimchi is Korea’s national dish and it will be eaten with (almost) every meal in one form or another. Kimchi is made by fermenting vegetables, most commonly napa cabbage or radish. 435 more words


myulchi bokkeum - korean stir-fried anchovies

Being a lover of anchovies, whenever I had banchan at Korean Restaurants, I always ordered more refills of their spicy and sticky anchovies. They go so well with rice, porridge e.g. 133 more words


Hello Myung In Dumplings!

If Myung In Dumplings sounds familiar it’s because the K-town restaurant was featured by Anthony Bourdain is show “Parts Unknown” 😊. Since it’s feature on the show, numerous foodies have flocked to the restaurant in K-town. 385 more words

Hello Kitty

Dong Won Garden - Jupiter St., Makati

Korean food is not on our list of favorites, but Miko is going to Korea for a vacation soon so we went to Dong Won Garden in preparation for his trip. 441 more words


Feasting on Manna Korean in North Austin

On a recent Saturday in downtown Austin, everyone was moving. Sidewalks were teeming with UT kids, happy to have reached the weekend. Panting joggers darted through intersections. 1,173 more words


Making Tteokbokki and banchan

Bit of a mixed result from today’s efforts.

First up – the banchan (반찬). They came out looking okay, however only one of them actually tastes any good (guess which!). 364 more words


Eating Korea-way

My daughter had visited New Wonjo (New York) earlier and knowing that I love Korean food, insisted we go there. Located on West 32nd Street in the heart of the Korean district, this 24-hour restaurant is widely considered the best on the block. 213 more words