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Taking the First Dive

Has anyone here read Julie and Julia? I’d like to think of this blog as my own version of the book, and of course things will be a little different as I figure things out that work best in my current situation. 262 more words

Korean New Year Lunch

Today I had planned on eating lunch at a Chinese restaurant to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Instead I celebrated the Korean New Year by eating at a Korean restaurant. 374 more words


Attempting to Make A Korean Dinner Pt. 4

We are almost nearing the end of Korea Week!

Today I made Bibimbap, which apparently means Mixed (Bibim) Rice (bap)!

Before and After Pics:

Again, I followed Maangchi’s recipe, and altered the ingredients a bit according to what I had left in my fridge.  427 more words

Pyogo Jeon, Korean Stuffed Mushrooms, Lunar New Year

I started hunting around for a good Lunar New Year recipe from any appropriate Asian culture that celebrates this time of year.  I stopped dead in my tracks with this potentially gluten-free Korean recipe that incorporates… mushrooms!  974 more words


Attempting to Make A Korean Dinner Pt. 1

I need to write up a quick documentation so that I can refer back to this when I do succeed in making the utmost DELICIOUS Korean food :D… 419 more words