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Soon Tofu, I Appreciate You


I’ve touched upon this before, but one of the things I really appreciate about living in Los Angeles is having access to some of the most incredible Korean food. 698 more words

Home sweet home

Shortly following my stay in San Diego is being back home to free food. I’ve been so broke recently I have been trying to not spend a dime on unnecessary expenses. 83 more words


Many sides make a main

This weekend I looked in my fridge/cupboard and there were quite a lot of ingredients that needed to be used within the next couple of days, so I decided to make lots of side dishes to pack for my lunches this week. 208 more words


L.A., Friends, and Korean Fettuccine


I am an L.A. transplant. I arrived here almost ten years ago for college (yikes, where did the time go?!), and while I initially hated this city for a good two years, I eventually realized that I could re-channel that hatred into curiosity strong enough to uncover hidden gems that make L.A. 802 more words

Heart and Seoul

It’s a little daunting to leave a country on Thursday and when you wake up the next morning is Saturday. And even worse it’s Saturday at 4:30 AM local time – because you forced yourself to sleep in until a “reasonable” time. 1,145 more words

사월에 보리밥: Healthy Eating in Gangnam

Let’s kick things off with a review of one my favourite restaurants in Gangnam – perhaps even my favourite in Seoul. 사월에 보리밥 (English: April Boribap) is located near Gangnam station across from GT Tower. 283 more words


Piggy's restaurant

This past week was a week when I had to purchase a car.  According to my trusty mechanic, my old 2005 Honda Civic was begging for a retirement and I have to find a replacement soon.   464 more words

Toronto Eats