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Making Tteokbokki and banchan

Bit of a mixed result from today’s efforts.

First up – the banchan (반찬). They came out looking okay, however only one of them actually tastes any good (guess which!). 364 more words


Eating Korea-way

My daughter had visited New Wonjo (New York) earlier and knowing that I love Korean food, insisted we go there. Located on West 32nd Street in the heart of the Korean district, this 24-hour restaurant is widely considered the best on the block. 213 more words


Joo Mak Gol (주막골)

Joo Mak Gol (주막골)
3526 Farrington St
Flushing, NY 11354

Everything from the food to the staff radiates a rustic, village feel. Stews and soups are the highlight here and if you are a bit hungrier, cheap Korean BBQ is available too. 448 more words


Sautéed Seaweed Stem Salad | 미역줄기볶음

Seaweed and sea plants are common ingredients when it comes to Korean food. The obvious and most common is “miyukguk,” Korean seaweed soup and various sea ingredients are made for banchans or side dishes. 311 more words


What About Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu When The Donger Need Food?

When one mentions Korean food in Toronto, Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu is on the top of this list.  Not to be mistaken with Long Duk Dong of Sixteen Candles fame, Buk Chang is a College Street mainstay. 791 more words

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Sun and Moon Cafe

Sun and Moon is probably my favorite joint when I’m craving some late night Korean good and alcohol. It’s what they call a 술집 (sool-jip), which is literally translated to alcohol house. 153 more words

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This one inspired by Chinese and Italian.

Taste from Chinese and the name from Spaghetti, Italian.

In TV Ad, a few decades ago, someone kid or father says… 47 more words