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Hit by Run on Deposits, Banco Popular Denies it’s Looking for Rushed Takeover to Avert Collapse

Source: Wolf Street, by Don Quijones

Spain’s 6th largest bank: “We have liquidity until the end of the year.”

In the world of banking, confidence and trust are a precious currency. 363 more words

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence

Spain’s Banks Openly Flout Law Like Never Before

They’re apparently powerful enough to get their way.

“We probably have the best mortgage system in the world,” explained Francisco González, Executive Chairman of Spain’s second largest bank, BBVA, last week at the annual World Economic Forum in Davos. 278 more words

Rigging The Game

UBS Warns: Spain’s “Most Italian Bank” Runs Out of Options

The bank-bailout business rages on.

During the first week of 2017, Spain’s “most Italian bank”, Banco Popular, got off to a flying start as its stock outperformed all other major Spanish banks. 272 more words

Rigging The Game

Crunch Time for “Zombie Bank… on Brink of Collapse”

Short-sellers have a field day with Spain’s “Most Italian Bank”

Things have gotten so serious of late at Spain’s sixth biggest bank, Banco Popular, that  199 more words

The Euro Debacle

Another European Bank Becomes a Penny Stock

The growing pile of bailed-out, newly crushed European banks

Despite receiving some of the most generous public subsidies in recorded history, Europe’s financial sector continues to hemorrhage. 195 more words

Brussels Business

EUROBANKING: another hole, another heart-attack

As with Italy, I have been repeating since 2011 that Spain’s banks are in a parlous state. The ‘weak propping up the dead’ story in Italy has now seeped out into the mainstream media. 674 more words