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366 Poems: May 23rd, 2016


Sometimes you just have to rip it off,

you know?

Let it sting,

let it hurt,

let it set your nerves alight and break your heart. 83 more words


De Dublin para Glasgow

Retornada de uma viagem extenuante, movida pelo impulso de seguir uma banda em tournée, partilho no Mixtape, a escolha de canções que desfilaram pelo meu leitor de mp3, nas cidades de Dublin e Glasgow. 293 more words


Doctor doctor give me a cure

One of the hardest parenting lessons I have learned is that when it comes to toys, plastic reigns supreme.  Saying it is like fingernails scraping at the blackboard of my soul.     673 more words


This is not the one

The Stone Roses are back. But what can new acts learn from this? 378 more words

Band Aid

The actual 10 greatest songs of the 80s

A couple of months ago Joe nominated me to list my favorite punk songs, as usual I turned it into a grand project and wrote… 1,364 more words

Scrapes and scratches

Boys are wild. This shouldn’t be new to me by now, but the amount of falls I witness on a weekly basis is astonishing. Everett’s legs are in a constant state of bruising, scabbing or bleeding and after a recent ‘too small rain boot’ blister experience I realized that I need to have a first aid kit in the car at all times. 83 more words