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Artwork Credit: Unknown.
Please contact me if it belongs to you so I may properly attribute.

“Band-aids” – © Brittany “Bella” Graham (10.22.16)

Lift up the band-aid, let it breathe… 20 more words


"do they know it's hallowe'en?" - the north american hallowe'en prevention initiative (2005)

As someone who loves novelty music, of course this also must include holiday music.  In our vernacular, what people generally consider as holiday music is pretty much the sounds of joy and cheer that only Christmas music can bring.  696 more words

Zero Waste Band-Aids

I’m all for cleaning small cuts and grazes with mild soap and water and leaving them to heal uncovered. But sometimes further protection helps the healing process, for example when working in soil or when wearing shoes over painful blisters. 620 more words


Pushing Pop through the Wires

When corporate manoeuvres need sheathing in an empathetic narrative, the spreadsheet’s fist must wear a fluffy glove to conceal its knuckleduster

Always diligent in tracking down misplaced clippings, … 688 more words

Good Ship Atrium