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Dealing with your battle scars

I am not very good at analogies or anything, but let’s give this one a shot. Bear with me.

You know how people say that you’ve just got to rip off the band-aid and it won’t hurt as bad? 327 more words


Did you know? – Products with Braille labels you probably had no idea were there.

Our post about the ‘Share a Coke’ campaign in Braille received a lot of positive feedback! That is why we decided to talk about some products that include Braille in their packaging and about some services offered in Braille that you probably weren’t aware even existed. 674 more words


The band aid which healed me, opened old wounds

Blister Management

There comes a point in training when you start to increase frequency and distance, and it starts to feel good, or at least it does for me. 368 more words


Boo Boos - The Show-Off Band-Aid

There was a time when a simple acne was reason for seclusion and adolescents considered walking around with a band-aid in their faces than showing them off. 82 more words