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Band-Aid® Drops Partnership With Kevin Durant, Cites "Irreconcilable Differences" And "He's Being A Bitch" As Reasons

Kevin Durant has played just 27 games this season, and fans in Oklahoma City are starting to get fed up with Durant’s lack of playing time this season. 335 more words


Engagement and ‘New Imperialism’

Se-shauna Wheatle is a Research Associate in Public Law at Durham Law School. In 2013, she produced a report funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, entitled ‘ 1,585 more words

Human Rights

O YEAH - and 'bootlegos', get it?

I recently terribly injured my finger while cutting vegetables, and needed to buy a Band-Aid. At least, in America we call these bandages Band-Aids. I know you Anglos call them plasters. 51 more words


Kinder Wednesday

I was patting myself on the back this morning.

Jonathan has just stabbed himself in the face with a pencil, and he was crying and bleeding a little, and Lisa took him to the office. 488 more words

Yoohoo, Big Summer Blowout

Okay so yesterday, my parents had a house party whatnot.:D

Which is quite a momentous occasion, seeing as my mum’s a bit of a neat freak and 40 people tramping all over our home is not something she’s accustomed to doing very often. 267 more words


Expert Opinion on food poverty: Is it on the rise, and why?

The concept of “food poverty” is well ingrained in the mind-set of the general British population through media movements such as Band Aid’s 1984 hit “Do They Know Its Christmas” in response to the Ethiopian famine. 717 more words

Food Poverty