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Latex is a natural rubber used in things like gloves, and condoms, and band-aids, and Catwoman costumes. My eight-year-old daughter has a latex allergy, which means at some point, either I or my wife is going to have to have a conversation with her about condoms, and how she’s going to have to have to get the weird kind of them. I call not it. 1.5/5



Why is it people say
That putting a band-aid
On a gaping wound is bad?
Band-aids are easy
They’re fast
And you can move on right away. 27 more words


Band-Aids for Adults

“There should be adult Band-Aids with pictures of things we like,” I told Husband as I covered a bloody spot on the top of his head. 481 more words

Everyday Life

Mind over Matter

I am constantly amazed at the mind-over-matter powers possessed by small children. I don’t think this fascinating phenomenon is ever displayed better than by the power of the Band-Aid. 737 more words


#569 My nurse

Not only do I have a cheerleader.

Not only do I have a monkey.

Not only do I have a princess.

Not only do I have a clever cookie. 435 more words



A saying goes like this, “Don’t put spiritual band-aids for psychological wounds and don’t put psychological band-aids for spiritual wounds.” It could be extended to include physical wounds too. 194 more words


Band-aids have serious healing powej effectofr, they can even heal wounds they aren’t visible to the naked eye.

Have you noticed that whenever​ a kid falls down the first thing they ask for is a band-aid, as if this plaster strip can performih the imhpossible. 27 more words