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Boo-boo Healer

Occasionally (feels like daily),  I have to put on my mom doctor hat and step into my sometimes unappreciated role as Boo-boo Healer. Don’t be fooled… this is a full-time job when you have young children in the house. 102 more words

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heavy metal band

heavy metal band
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For commercial use pls Make sure reading the license of this photo file… 27 more words

ONE HUNDRED THIRTY FIVE...mom of 3 wearing an evening gown shows up with...

I sliced 1/3 of my fingernail off my thumb the other day. I was attempting to separate the rind of a watermelon from its outer shell and voila, a clean slice right through the nail and claiming a small infentesimal peice of flesh from my nail bed. 145 more words



I didn’t start this blog to add MORE frustration to my life but to use it as an outlet from it. I’m not going to panic that my time in the bathroom this morning typing a clever blog post was waste (pun intended) because my phone freaked out and deleted it. 1,086 more words

Band-Aids over bullet holes

Bandaids don’t fix bullet holes, you can only cover up what has hurt you for so long. -Austin Dennis

Yesterday, I took a direct hit. 511 more words

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OTCs in Action Episode 31: Therapeutic Devices as Band-Aids and Beyond

Although they prevent infection, Band-Aids with fun characters do not really make the pain go away – but little children think that is what happens. Tears, Band-Aid, then tremulous Smile is a gratifying cycle for parents. 222 more words


Jar of Joy - 06/06/2015

Today I cut my thumb and needed a plaster, and all we had was Toy Story ones (which are awesome) and every time I look at my thumb, it looks like Woody and Buzz Lightyear are hugging it and it makes me smile :) 7 more words

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