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Dermatillomania + sunburn

Having dermatillomania + a sunburn = a disaster

I am completely sunburnt and now my skin is peeling all over my body. I can’t seem to stop picking! 218 more words

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Bitter Corrections

Corrections are so annoying.  Some people like them, so they can improve themselves and make themselves better, but I never have.  First of all, why would you want to be and improve and be better when you can get angry and bitter? 862 more words


Bullet Holes, Band Aids, and Ghosts, Oh My! How to Eliminate the "Bad Blood" from Your Life.

“Take a look what you’ve done, cause, baby, now we’ve got bad blood.”

If you’re half as obsessed with Taylor Swift as I am, you’ve been singing the lyrics to “Bad Blood” in the shower (and in the car, in your underwear, into your cooking utensils, cleaning out the cat litter box, in the empty bathroom at work… Always.) If you’re not obsessed with T-Swift, let’s be honest, you can’t help but catch yourself humming to “Bad Blood’s” “sick beat”. 985 more words


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Lucky Testers for Pharmadoct Plasters revealed!

Dear Members,

Please see the lucky testers for the Pharmadoct Plasters.

Congratulations to the testers and we hope you enjoy the product once it is delivered to your home.


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Boo-boo Healer

Occasionally (feels like daily),  I have to put on my mom doctor hat and step into my sometimes unappreciated role as Boo-boo Healer. Don’t be fooled… this is a full-time job when you have young children in the house. 102 more words

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heavy metal band

heavy metal band
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For commercial use pls Make sure reading the license of this photo file… 27 more words