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Ben Carson... hmmm

I know I will probably get some backlash on this, indeed I could go in a lot of directions with this. However I see the media arguing Ben Carson’s biblical views not even understanding anything about the bible themselves. 1,751 more words


Mickey Mouse Band-Aids

It’s so hard to watch someone you love cry.

It doesn’t matter that it’s not your fault. It doesn’t matter that there’s nothing you could have done. 194 more words


Ooh, What Happened To Your Finger?

Yesterday, I went for my first day of teaching a theater lab at a local elementary school. Earlier in the day, I had noticed that the skin around my thumbnail was flaking off and bleeding, so I put a band-aid on it. 149 more words

Walk This Way

Kara and I had a whole day to explore Washington, DC on our own. We tried to maximize our day, which included touring museums, general sightseeing, shopping, eating, and SO MUCH WALKING! 151 more words


Finding risk

On the day my niece was born, I was responsible for babysitting my then two year old nephew while his parents were in the hospital. He and I had a great day playing together until the moment that he tripped in his living room, bumped his face on some furniture and got a little scrape on his nose. 495 more words


Nexcare bandages

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