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A glimmer of hope...

I could hear the thunk of SIB before I opened the door.  I waited a minute before going to check because I wanted to make sure that J was not HAPPY as he did this.   792 more words

Autism, Parent Commentary

Boxes. Boo Boos. And Scars.

Elias has been wearing a Band-Aid on his chin for about five days. Give or take. I’ve sort of lost count. He and Brayden have been playing in a ginormous box for about a month and as much as I try, I cannot remember how this box ended up in our house. 1,246 more words

Too Late Smart

Americans are smarter than they used to be.

According to an article published by the American Psychology Association1, IQ’s have been on the rise steadily in this country for the last century. 799 more words

Early Childhood

My Fellow Swimmers...

An open letter:

If you’ve ever washed your hands while wearing a Band-Aid®, you’ll notice that with each wash, it loses a little bit of its adhesiveness until, after a few rinses, it just slides right off. 352 more words

Deep Thoughts By Aaron

Life Is A Marathon

Do you remember Kevin Spacey’s character in Horrible Bosses? You know him… the super-mega asshole, Dave Harkin, who’s motto was:

Well, I’ve discovered that there is a basis for this statement in reality. 96 more words


Band-Aids of the Heart

“Honey, guess what the Lord told me?”

That day I had the most exciting news to share with my husband. As I relayed my deep self-revelation, he dotingly replied, “Barb, I’ve been telling you that for years!” 483 more words


Soooooooooo…..5 Kids Huh?

I had a little reality check this past week as I contemplated what our life is going to look like with 5 kids.

That’s 100 finger/toe nails to cut each week, actually 120 if you count my own. 637 more words