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Patchwork Seamstress

My double-stitched heart

In need of reinforcement

And maybe Band-Aids

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My Wimpy Martyr

Dear Future Stella,

Something about Current Stella really confuses me and I have been wondering lately if this behavior will continue into adulthood. Only you can answer that! 512 more words


The Evaluation: Commercial

1. How does your product use or challenge conventions and how does it represent social groups or issues?

It does not really go against any norm, we see today. 133 more words

Life Can't Always Be Fixed With A Band-Aid

There are stages you need to be  aware of in this thing called parenting. Infants grow into toddlers and  toddlers into preschoolers. Then it’s on to… 396 more words


Change, Again

The process of change in psychotherapy isn’t quick. Why is this so? Because we humans are relational beings and deep change comes from being in relationship with another human being for an extended period of time. 261 more words

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree

A nice, relaxing weekend at home, or so I thought it would be.

I came home to work for two days and spend time with my family, maybe catch the Super Bowl before I would head back to St. 604 more words


That's A Wrap!!!

January 30, 2015

That’s a wrap on the commercial, we have completely finished everything in about 40 mins. It took no time at all for me to start and finish editing, and my prediction was right. 105 more words