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the truth is ugly--band-aids where tourniquets are needed

The traps laid, mind games that must be hurdled for me to be understood by you-yet, it only complicates things, creates confusion…what happened to communication? To not playing games? 561 more words

4/365 Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

4. You need to make a major change in your life. Do you make it all at once, cold turkey style, or incrementally?

I’ve always related change to the sensation of ripping off a Band-Aid. 476 more words

Cam Newton's Band-Aids For Feelings

SportsChannel8 proudly presents our Super Bowl ad for Cam Newton’s Band-Aids for Feelings. Enjoy and be sure to join us at the Panthers Trophy Party before the Super Bowl!

Carolina Panthers

I Can't Fix It: When Band-Aids, Hugs and a Pot Roast Won't Do

I needed to write words this morning. I’ve got several amazing guest posts lined up for you this month which I love and I need because I’ve got so many other projects going that it frees up some of my time here. 892 more words


when band aids can fix all your wounds

isn’t it beautiful? being a child? unacquainted with the monsters that dwell under your bed, the monsters inside your head. closing your eyes and watching your thoughts travel somewhere new, their wanderlust still afresh. 613 more words

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Wishing You a Band-Aid-Free New Year

I’ve been blessed to ring in 38 new years.  38!

As a child, in our MC Hammer pants and crimped hair, I remember dancing the evening away to Janet Jackson and Color Me Bad with my sister and childhood best friends, Andy and Misty Lei.   1,476 more words