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Last Day of Autumn...

Winter does not officially begin until tomorrow.  All this cold weather has been a tease, a come hither look from Mother Nature.  My bones and joints don’t appreciate it, but there it is…unless we move to a tropical climate, this is now the story of my life. 999 more words

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Apocalypse Preparation Check List

Thomas Fucaloro is the author of two books of poetry published by Three Rooms Press, most recently It Starts from the Belly and Blooms, which received rave reviews. 141 more words


Robert Durst

Let’s all not play with each other, here — if you haven’t watched The Jinx on HBO, stop where you are. If you’re at work, tell your boss you have the burps and you’re taking the day off, steal your cousin’s HBOgo password, and watch it all before you read any of this shit. 621 more words

What if we're missing something?

The now seemingly-constant search for what is bothering J badly enough to cause all the SIB continues.  I have read more scholarly articles than my intellectual capacity can handle.   575 more words

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Let's call it an investment in the future...shall we?

Yesterday evening, with my patience at a very low ebb, I told J we were going to Urgent Care.  He had been hitting his head quite insistently, and his hand looked redder and angrier than usual.   955 more words

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A glimmer of hope...

I could hear the thunk of SIB before I opened the door.  I waited a minute before going to check because I wanted to make sure that J was not HAPPY as he did this.   792 more words

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Boxes. Boo Boos. And Scars.

Elias has been wearing a Band-Aid on his chin for about five days. Give or take. I’ve sort of lost count. He and Brayden have been playing in a ginormous box for about a month and as much as I try, I cannot remember how this box ended up in our house. 1,246 more words