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What is Your "New" Purpose?

For as long as I can remember, my daughter has been in the business of repurposing things. She sees an object differently than most of us.  279 more words

Are You Really a Runner?

I have seen the debates on social media and running websites: what minimum level of fitness must be achieved in order to formally consider yourself a runner? 556 more words

Soul Band-Aids

I recently went to a park for a couple of hours to gain greater perspective on our family’s current trial.  I was feeling like I was breathing but not inhaling any oxygen.  880 more words


The acrochordon

It was time for me to get new glasses. My kids had grown tired of my old frames and highly suggested I replace them. They have suggested I replace other things that cause them embarrassment and they aren’t shy about letting me know. 720 more words

Previously In My Weekly Column

The Boo-Boos That Changed the World: An accidental invention!

Kids love Band-Aids, right? My kids have all come to me, asking for a fistful of Band-Aids for some nearly invisible wound. I remember covering my own teddy bears with Band-Aids when I played with my doctor kit. 698 more words


#RelationshipGoals -- Demon Cat

He holds the dry cat in his arms, panting and soaked like he’s ran a marathon. Behind him, the house is in tatters, curtains draped out of the window, pictures cracked on the ground. 101 more words



Latex is a natural rubber used in things like gloves, and condoms, and band-aids, and Catwoman costumes. My eight-year-old daughter has a latex allergy, which means at some point, either I or my wife is going to have to have a conversation with her about condoms, and how she’s going to have to have to get the weird kind of them. I call not it. 1.5/5