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Dollar Tree Haul

Hello dear reader! I’m back today with a dollar tree haul. It’s been a stressful couple weeks, with the end of finals, waiting for my visa, and my fundraiser…its been hell. 504 more words


Short Story - Band-Aids by Amy L. Moreland

“Adam! I need a band-aid,” she wailed, tumbling through the back room.

Adam set down his magazine and reached for the box of band-aids with her name on them. 2,450 more words

Amy L Moreland

Wise Words

DO NOT go barefoot on playgrounds anymore. I cut open my toe on a shard of broken glass while hanging out with some friends at the park in town, and it wasn’t fun. 21 more words

Thankful day 3...

Today, I am thankful for band aids. You see, when you’re a bad a** like me, you do your gardening in flip flops. And I don’t mean that sissy kinda gardening either; I’m talking ripping bushes and trees out of the ground with nothing but a shovel. 156 more words

4 Brilliant Ways to Blister-Proof Your Feet This Spring

Now that winter is finally over in the Northern Hemisphere, we’re breaking out all of the flats, sandals and stilettos that the snow has prevented us from wearing for the last six months. 610 more words

Skin Care

Cooking Adventure: Injuries

Now, from the title of this blog, I bet you are really interested to hear about the first cooking adventure injury. What could it be? The possibilities are endless! 551 more words


By Kentucky Law

At tax time when the tax preparer asks if you have medical coverage you may legally answer yes if you have Band Aids in your medicine chest