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Oboe Life: Take 31 - Do I love music more or oboe?

Earlier today, my Body-Mapping class decided to step away from the lectures and do some “constructive resting”. It’s like meditative poses to help improve posture through various positions of rest. 729 more words


Band Geek Analysis

Band Geek. This was a label that followed me around all throughout high school. When watching stereotypical high school movies, the band kids are always portrayed in a bad light. 640 more words

Bullying-My Story

I read heart-breaking stories about young children who have killed themselves because of bullying. The First Lady has (supposedly) taken up cyber-bullying and other forms of bullying as her personal cause. 930 more words



I remember one day we got our first computer. A huge ass thing. We had someone come over and give our family a crash course in how to use it. 624 more words

Why Black Student Unions Are Necessary and White Student Unions Aren't

My high school in the mid-70s had a diverse student body. It was majority white with significant numbers of Hispanic, African-American, Asian and Filipino students, plus a smaller number of Americans from other heritages. 310 more words