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Band Geek Analysis

Band Geek. This was a label that followed me around all throughout high school. When watching stereotypical high school movies, the band kids are always portrayed in a bad light. 640 more words

Bullying-My Story

I read heart-breaking stories about young children who have killed themselves because of bullying. The First Lady has (supposedly) taken up cyber-bullying and other forms of bullying as her personal cause. 930 more words



I remember one day we got our first computer. A huge ass thing. We had someone come over and give our family a crash course in how to use it. 624 more words

Why Black Student Unions Are Necessary and White Student Unions Aren't

My high school in the mid-70s had a diverse student body. It was majority white with significant numbers of Hispanic, African-American, Asian and Filipino students, plus a smaller number of Americans from other heritages. 310 more words