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366 Poems: December 9th, 2016

Band Geek

People often ask me

why I say I like band more than orchestra,

and I’m usually not sure.

Sometimes I say it’s the people, 87 more words


366 Poems:October 1st, 2016


The sun is now setting

but the music plays on…

and though it has happened,

that doesn’t mean it’s gone. 9 more words


Oboe Life: Take 16 - First Week Of College

1st week is done and overwith!

Hello! So, I just finished my first week of school at CSU Long Beach and Bob Cole Conservatory. It felt so long and tiring, but I did go back home to San Diego this past weekend to get an oil change, and I was just so relieved and relaxed to be back home. 1,750 more words


Oboe Life - Take 1 (8 if you count Blogspot): Hello Wordpress!

Hello WordPress, Goodbye Blogspot (no…like it was bad…really)

I never understood the uses of Blogspot, but that was last year when I was still in the primitive stages of blogging. 207 more words


My Other Love - Music

HELLO blog readers!

I very rarely post about anything other than books, writing, literacy, and libraries.

I also have only ever once posted about raising money for a cause. 341 more words


what true joy is to me | adia's life

yesterday was my band & choir state contest. which is a huge deal to the arts. if you don’t know what contest is.. basically your group performs 3 pieces in front of a series of judges. 219 more words