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Band of Misfits: How To Make Friends at Work

Tell me if you’ve seen this movie: A good-natured hero, having been rejected by those in power, befriends a group of assorted outcasts.  Eventually, the hero rallies the misfits, they use their unique talents to triumph over the corrupt establishment, and the hero, by virtue of being a decent human being, ends up a winner. 213 more words


The incident with the gnome and the stripper pole

It was after leaving one of the city’s most popular bars that we went on an adventure. My comrades were leaving the city, and wanted to leave their final mark. 486 more words


After the latest Level C class and watching a musical mashup of games, I ventured off into the night with a few classmates in the pursuit of ice cream. 742 more words


Band of [Misfit] Friends

Being a misfit is not a new concept. In fact, many misfits have really made a name for themselves. I’m a misfit. I don’t fit well in certain circles, well, until now. 426 more words

Creative Writing

Dive-in Movies to Feature ‘The Pirates: Band of Misfits’ this Friday at City Aquatic Center

This Friday, June 28, the City of Santa Clarita Aquatic Center will feature a Dive-In Movie presentation of The Pirates: Band of Misfits (rated PG). Doors open at 7 p.m. 75 more words


Promised Drawings (Part 2 of 4)

The lot was sketched when I was fascinated by  the characteristics of a Daemon and fueled by the flighty spirit of a misfit.

What audience might possibly seek these? 39 more words


Pirates Band of Misfits Video Review

This is a review I did when I was still on youtube. It was one of my better ones however I still think it could’ve been edited better. 75 more words