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Band practice

When I arrived for yesterday’s band practice, Frank could be heard hammering away on the drums, so I let him practise in peace whilst busying myself outside. 1,024 more words

Band practice

When I arrived (the first) for Friday’s band practice I noticed “my” amp had been powered down incorrectly – I smirked a little to myself, as Erich would normally have a fit if I’d have pulled the plug on his amp. 524 more words

Band practice

Whilst I was skiing the band got together for a practice. After the event Thomas told me that they had aimed to record “On My Own” and “Jezebel” as guide tracks but, because Frank had requested it, initially just the guitars, so that Frank could play the drums at the end. 222 more words

Rock Lab Report: San Luis Obispo

Written by Lauren Vukicevich and Noah Robertson

Music Motive recently started a new program called Rock Lab, where students come together every weekend and practice as a band. 559 more words

Music Motive

Band practice - focused

Yesterday’s abnd practice started a little later than normal, for me, as I was busy with another appointment, but when I arrived Frank was still missing. 866 more words

Band practice - tracked recording of "Painkiller"

We had already arranged to dedicate Friday’s band practice session to creating a good recording of “Painkiller” and, with this in mind, Erich came prepared with cables, laptop and studio headphones. 611 more words

Band practice

When I got to the practice room, at about 18:45, Thomas, Erich and Frank were already there and so the room was already significantly warmer than the freezing temperature outside. 631 more words