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With the Band

All my life I’ve wanted to be part of a band.

I grew up with a father who was in a handful of groups with little local claims to fame, claims which as a child I build up to Zeppellin-esque proportions in my head (perhaps with a little help from my pops). 1,699 more words


Earlier today…

Bean the Coworker: “So, Brie, how was band practice last night?”

ME: “Well, Les couldn’t make it cuz he’s moving, so Tory and I worked on a new dance song. ¬†

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Spooky Action At A Distance

5 Tips to Combat Negativity in the Music Industry

Negativity. Oftentimes, it stems from insecurity and superiority complexes. Other times, we just choose to wallow in misery because of a bad day. We have all been guilty of this. 424 more words


Daily Prompt: Chaos

My response to the daily prompt titled Chaos which asks;

“Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.”

Today, I am one week into my recovery from being released from the hospital. 487 more words

Band practice - "Painkiller" pains

The practice session was generally good and we played all the songs (except “On My Own” and were able to (provisionally) mark then as a guide track; although there was a little bit of tension with “Painkiller”. 1,859 more words