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Band Practice: Cancelled

The planned band practice for tomorrow has been cancelled. Erich was on holiday anyway, but Frank wrote to say he has to work. So with just the three of us, we’ll skip the date. 12 more words

Practical "Practice" advice from the Vandoren Blog


Lather, Rinse and Repeat by Michael Gilliland

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A conversation on Twitter today has brought up the topic of practice. 1,067 more words


Band Practice Hertfordshire

Now that we know how to run a Band Practice Hertfordshire we may need some more individual instruction on the guitar or drums. For detailed one on one instruction online just click on… 8 more words

Band Practice Hertfordshire

Music Production in Hertfordshire

Music Production is the technical part of the recording process. The precision and skill of the music producer plays a major part in determining the quality of the finished recording.

Band Practice Hertfordshire

Band practice

Yesterday we had a short practice. Erich couldn’t make it, Kirk and I both arrived fifteen minutes late and Thomas could only spare two hours, but in the time we managed to go through all the songs (except “Stung!”, where Erich’s guitar plays a major role) and also find some time to work on “Free Fall”. 630 more words

Band practice

Band practice last Friday, the 15th, went well but, as both Erich and Thomas were worn-out from their respective father’s day activities the day before, the practice ended at 10:30. 103 more words

Boy Does Robbie Need a Hobby

Two band practices ago I recorded the whole thing. I used the iTalk app on my iPhone and just pointed the mic in our general vicinity. 480 more words