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Band practice

Band practice last Friday, the 15th, went well but, as both Erich and Thomas were worn-out from their respective father’s day activities the day before, the practice ended at 10:30. 103 more words

Boy Does Robbie Need a Hobby

Two band practices ago I recorded the whole thing. I used the iTalk app on my iPhone and just pointed the mic in our general vicinity. 480 more words


Band practice

Band practice on Friday was interrupted, when Erich was emergency-called away, back to work, for thirty minutes. We’d just played the second song, “Jezebel”, and I’d suggested to Erich, that he play Thomas’ original riff in the chorus. 907 more words

practicing "iron doors"

theres a lot of things happening in aimees room especially when its practice time


A Few Songs

Here are a few “highlights” from last night’s practice. In other words, here are a few songs that sucked the least.


Band Practice

Yesterday’s band practice was cancelled. Thomas couldn’t make it, and Erich couldn’t make the Tuesday. Probably just as well, as I was down with a bug which gave me all the pleasures of a dry sore throat on Tuesday night. 223 more words

Band practice

Band practice on Friday went well. Kirk was there before me, finishing fitting a new snare to his kit. He’d also fixed the double-kick pedal – a spring had come off. 345 more words