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Band practice: Jam / Xavier Naidoo

This evenings band practice will, of course, be without Frank and normally the task of recording the three outstanding songs as guide tracks shouldn’t take too much time. 120 more words

Band Practice: Without Frank

I was planning to ferry Frank to and from yesterday’s practice, and was disturbed to read his E-Mail telling me he couldn’t make it, and was in hospital! 500 more words

Band Practice: With Frank

Frank had asked the nurses whether he would be able to come to band practice, and they thought it a good idea. His out-patient therapy is to get his physical performance back to how it was but, what specifically affects his drumming, improve such things as his grip and condition. 903 more words

What happens in school? Who knows...

me: Hi, how was it today?

Jack: The usual. In gym we had to go outside and play soccer in the mud. Look at my sneakers! 199 more words

Hull's Creator College

Creator College is as quirky as Hull. Kind of out on a limb, doing some quality stuff against the odds, offering something different – and based on a community of mates with attitude. 339 more words

Why Honing Your Skill Is Important As A Worship Team Member

1. It helps your team mates, especially Worship Leaders, to be more confident. They will know you won’t have difficulties in executing the song(s) and that you will do well to serve the song. 163 more words

Worship Team

Band practice - no Frank and no Thomas

Band practice this coming Wednesday has been cancelled, as Thomas can’t make the Wednesday, and alternate days don’t suit the rest of the band. On Friday Thomas will be preparing his local village rock festival, and last Wednesday he mentioned, that we should play there next year. 53 more words