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Daily Prompt: Chaos

My response to the daily prompt titled Chaos which asks;

“Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.”

Today, I am one week into my recovery from being released from the hospital. 487 more words

Band practice - "Painkiller" pains

The practice session was generally good and we played all the songs (except “On My Own” and were able to (provisionally) mark then as a guide track; although there was a little bit of tension with “Painkiller”. 1,859 more words

Band practice - Last before studio?

Last night’s band practice is probably the last session before we head off to the recording studio. We left a two-hour (more wasn’t possible) practice session window open for next Friday and decided to use it, only if we thought we needed to (for example, if we couldn’t settle on a guide track for a song, then we could use the time to re-record it then. 624 more words

Band practice - guide tracks

I arrived at the practice room on Friday, just as Frank had finished reskinning the last drum. He’d been working on them (again) for six or seven hours, the cleaning taking the lion’s share of the time. 916 more words

Band practice

I managed to forget my T-shirt for today’s gym session, and so was seriously considering not training. But it is always easier not to do something, so I decided to train bareback and am glad I did because, during the training session, I thought of a way we can easily check our beat when playing “Misery”. 152 more words

Band practice

I arrived at the practice room and Frank was still busy with his drum skins. He’d been working since 11:30 and only completed his bass and snare. 1,292 more words

Band practice and Arzthosen

Frank gave me a call today and told me that I don’t have to pick him up on the way to band practice, he’s already there and fitting his new drum skins. 292 more words