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Introductions Are In Order

In my young 23 years of life I have lived through many lives and in many places. I started out my life in Wisconsin and after elementary school my family moved to the heart of Iowa in the bursting town of Saint Anthony. 269 more words

One Week to Leadership!

One week from now, leadership camp begins. And I am terrified of what to do. I know the basics (introduce everyone, talk about expectations). But I don’t know what activities we should do, what things we should discuss, or anything like that. 203 more words

The Struggle of Teacher Clothes

Something I never thought about before beginning my teaching degree: the clothes. It can be difficult to find clothes that look cute, are flattering, age-appropriate, and SCHOOL-appropriate. 608 more words

Closing in on Camp

So, we have a little less than 2 weeks until leadership camp (week 1 of 2 for me) begins. And I’m getting a little nervous! Since returning from my honeymoon, I’ve been busy. 390 more words

The Summer Before

So. Here we are, Summer 2017, about 3 weeks before band camp…what have I done?

Panicked. A lot.

I didn’t think about having to pick a show without knowing the kids or their level. 406 more words

What it's All About

Hey everyone!

So this blog is just kind of filling a hole I discovered while completing my bachelors degree in Music Education. I recently graduated with said degree, and accepted a position teaching 5-12 grade band in a relatively small district! 395 more words

New Band Teacher Adjusts to Changes Nicely

By Ashley McDonough


Transition into a new school certainly isn’t easy, especially when you’re a brand new teacher moving two states away nearly a week before the school year starts! 431 more words