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On the Band Wagon

About a year ago I got an Apple Watch. It’s been great and I’ve liked it a lot. The key to a life of happiness with the Apple Watch is not to expect it to be more than it is. 762 more words


Social Media Standards

Hi guys! For a moment there, I felt like I was losing touch with my creativity, I think it’s because I have so many things on my mind right now and the guilt of pushing my blog to the back burner was creeping up on me, I almost took a long ass break but here I am, writing/typing again. 602 more words


Band Wagon with Matt Jaffe

Since my Poet Wagon is not going as it should I’m relaunching the Band Wagon. Poet Wagon is still up, I’ll just have both series open. 692 more words

Annie's Perception

The passage of time ... and The Wedding Countdown

It has occurred to me recently that now that I’m no longer a middle-grade reader, young adult or even (alas!) a new adult I have been reading far more of the books meant for all these mysterious age groups. 836 more words


Band Wagon with Joedy Rose

I cannot begin to explain how excited I got when JOEDY ROSE decided to cooperate with me, for this interview! But then again, as a music junkie, I get excited whenever someone in the “big league” (AKA any musician) even briefly notices me. 882 more words

Annie's Perception