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Haul: Jumped on the band wagon. L'Oréal Infallible

So as everyone knows, this has been raved about all over YouTube and on the Blogging community, so I decided to purchase it in SuperDrug as it was 3 for 2 and 10% off with your beauty card. 84 more words

Makeup Reviews

Roy G. Biv

I’m not gay. Though I can understand how yesterday is a day to remember for all the people who are. It must be nice to finally be able to marry without the restriction of gender. 170 more words

True Story

Get off your Manichaean Band Wagons

Certainly all throughout main stream society we have these dichotomies where you’re supposed to pick a side and root for it; left-wing vs right-wing, pro-choice vs pro-life, Christian vs atheist, blue team vs red team, ad nauseam. 858 more words


Of Byomkesh Bakshi and other mysteries

I wonder how many of you remember the days of DoorDarshan (that’s National television in India and what some of us fondly refer to as pre-cable days). 891 more words


said it...

Just something I tripped across today…

My personal favourite…


In memoriam...

       ‘Do you not know that a man is not dead while his name is still spoken?’ – Going Postal

This might be a little late in the day but as a tremendous fan of Terry Pratchett and his profoundly quirky wisdom, I feel like my ode to him would feel incomplete without this bit … 123 more words


Always ... Terry Pratchett

Death was standing behind a lectern, poring over a map. He looked at Mort as if he wasn’t entirely there. YOU HAVEN’T HEARD OF THE BAY OF MANTE, HAVE YOU? 666 more words