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Get off your Manichaean Band Wagons

Certainly all throughout main stream society we have these dichotomies where you’re supposed to pick a side and root for it; left-wing vs right-wing, pro-choice vs pro-life, Christian vs atheist, blue team vs red team, ad nauseam. 858 more words


Of Byomkesh Bakshi and other mysteries

I wonder how many of you remember the days of DoorDarshan (that’s National television in India and what some of us fondly refer to as pre-cable days). 891 more words


said it...

Just something I tripped across today…

My personal favourite…


In memoriam...

       ‘Do you not know that a man is not dead while his name is still spoken?’ – Going Postal

This might be a little late in the day but as a tremendous fan of Terry Pratchett and his profoundly quirky wisdom, I feel like my ode to him would feel incomplete without this bit … 123 more words


Always ... Terry Pratchett

Death was standing behind a lectern, poring over a map. He looked at Mort as if he wasn’t entirely there. YOU HAVEN’T HEARD OF THE BAY OF MANTE, HAVE YOU? 666 more words


Walking the Tightrope: The Tension between Art and Politics @ The Theatre Delicatessen Review

They say that politics is absolutely everywhere, and with the Arts, there’s no doubt that politics plays a heavy part in the type of theatre being created, funding opportunities for emerging playwrights and the issue of censorship. 522 more words


ne savent pas

I don’t think I’ve actually fully realised the consequences of my upbringing. The psychological consequences. It’s pretty much taken me twenty years to realise that perhaps something is really wrong and I don’t think about things in a normal way. 491 more words

Bad Girls