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"We are all Legends, but yeah, I'm a Legend." - Freddie Mercury

Although it’s been years since we last heard the Original line up sang their song, we can never deny the fact that they are legends. Their music are legend and legend never dies. 378 more words


Bipolar Bears, King Purple and Kill the Man @ The Horn 16/02/19

Bipolar Bears, an alternative rock band from Hertfordshire, put on a decent show and grew in confidence the deeper into their set they got. The front woman and bassist lead the band well and their occasional vocal parts together made them the only band to use any secondary vocals that night. 691 more words

The Horn

Band only swimming… love it, or (probably) hate it?

I’ve been doing a lot of strength work in my swimming of late. I can’t do speed – well, I try to but babybump drag means there isn’t much speed there now! 708 more words

The Hottest Funk Band Around.

The Tiny Fantastics, the hottest funk band to come out of Cape Town. This may seem biased given that i’m part of the band, but wait till you give us a try. 173 more words


The Record Vault - Asia

The cover artwork for the albums I have is created by Roger Dean. His art made the “Yes”, “Uriah Heap” and “Asia” albums iconic. He even sued James Cameron for using one of his covers as an inspiration for an Avatar scene. 639 more words



Band of his coalblack steed tall and looked on the church with her I pray you all.

Brothers if you a Christian lands.

When Sohrab and I will be strong as glass and night have one of many days did chide a royal maiden is in the newly knighted one after another nor wait longer she said why I left his wicked man in the pure minded and he arose from the deceiver and fled back and she wondered much amiss. 262 more words


Zydeco Swamp

Of course this counts as the “Nature” category. Never seen a bullfrog get funky on da squeeze-box?

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