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Playing with Punkarella EP ‘As Low as We Are, We Can Only Rise’ Review

Playing with Punkarella is a two person Alternative rock/Metal outfit from Fife made up of Lee Blades on Guitar and Kim Thomson on Vocals. I’ve previously reviewed and Interviewed Playing with Punkarella and you can see that… 626 more words


Dead Eyes self-titled EP Review

DeadEyes are a four piece rock and roll group from Ayr made up of Deej on Lead Guitar, Scott on Rhythm Guitar, Scott on Bass/Lead Vocals and Raz on Drums. 556 more words


Thermate and Bomber Gap

18.05 Ottopoika, Kuopio

First concert after a long time and I am happy, that despite of my health problems I finally was able to be present there and take pictures. 159 more words


Red Hearted Vibrations single ‘Circles’ Review

Red Hearted Vibrations are a four piece acoustic/indie rock band from Glasgow made up of two pairs of siblings, we have Craig White on Guitar and Vocals and his brother Graham White on Bass, and rounding off the other sibling pair is Laura Nelson on Vocals and Steven Nelson on Drums. 254 more words



Angel Blue and the Prophets at Ungrapeful Winery

May 26th, Saturday, 5 to 9 PM

Band plays a mixture of Blues, Classic Rock, Oldies, and R&B, from 50’s to present.

Ungrapeful Winery

If You Had A Band, What Would Your First Album Cover Look Like?

I first seen this “game” a few years ago and just remembered about it recently. I’m not quite sure who thought of it first so I’m not going to credit anyone for it but I won’t take the credit for it either…but it is fun. 160 more words


Ian & Dylan: Into the Laps of Pool Traps

Into the Laps of Pool Traps is at times a quietly reflective album with often introspective lyricism. This makes sense, considering the Phoenix based duo takes inspiration from artists such as Neutral Milk Hotel and Vampire Weekend, who are also known for their incisive lyrics. 318 more words