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Power Rangers Legacy Wave 2

How in the world did I miss posting this set? I looked down the backlog of figures I have photographed, and there sits this beautiful team ready to go. 637 more words


Original Purple Ranger - Power Rangers Dino Super Charge - Bandai

I really have to hand it to Bandai America. We ended up with something like 62 base figures for over the Dino Charge and Dino Super Charge series (not including the special pearl color variants of the original figures). 279 more words


Storm Megazord - Power Rangers Legacy 6.5 inch line - Build a Figure

With the new Power Rangers Legacy 6.5 inch line, you get a BAF part. The three parts of the Ninja Storm Rangers combine to create the Storm Megazord. 306 more words


Red Wind Ranger, Yellow Wind Ranger - Power Rangers Legacy 6.5 inch figures - Ninja Storm

A few weeks ago I looked at the Blue Wind Ranger. Going back to the same store, I found the Red and Yellow Wind Rangers to round out the trio of figures. 639 more words


Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers - 5 inch figures

I figured if I went with the 6.5 inch look at the Power Rangers yesterday, why not take a look at the MMPR wave we got a while back.   234 more words


Archelon Zord - Power Rangers Dino Super Charge

Bandai America has had a pretty good run of going off the rails and making new toys that are not based on the show, but are based on the Dino Chargers. 215 more words


Power Rangers Dino Charge Scan free download android

Power Rangers Dino Charge Scan direct from google play

Charge it up with the ultimate digital companion for Power Rangers Dino Charge!. Power Rangers Dino Charge Scan… 294 more words