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Travelling to Bandarban

Bandarban is a district in Bangladesh. It is part of Chittagong division. We started our journey on a cold saturday morning around 8 am. Took us over 2 hours to reach our destination. 486 more words


Travel to Bandarban

Travel to Bandarban
Chittagong to Bandarban Bus – Purbani last Bus 5pm (ticket 110/-tk)
(Simple hotel)
HOTEL PLAZA BANDARBAN (residential & resturent)
01678060273… 377 more words



Bandarban is in Chittagong division and located in southeastern Bangladesh. It is one the most attractive travel destination in Bangladesh for its adventurous characteristics and heavenly scenic beauty. 2,993 more words


Nilgiri is one of the tallest peaks and beautiful place in Bangladesh


Nilgiri is one of the tallest peaks and beautiful place in Bangladesh,

Surrounded by beautiful hilly natural views and clouds most of the time. An esthetic place for enjoying serenity with ultimate relaxation away from city boredom.You will find yourself in the embrace of the clouds. 258 more words


๐‘„Œ๐‘„‹๐‘„ด๐‘„Ÿ ๐‘„ƒ๐‘„ง๐‘„๐‘„›๐‘„–๐‘„ด (CHANGMA OJHAPAT)

๐‘„ƒ๐‘„จ๐‘„ข๐‘„ช๐‘„‡๐‘„ด ๐‘„ƒ๐‘„Ÿ ๐‘„Œ๐‘„‹๐‘„ด๐‘„Ÿ ๐‘„ƒ๐‘„ง๐‘„๐‘„›๐‘„–๐‘„ด ๐‘„ƒ๐‘„ณ๐‘„ฆ๐‘„ง๐‘„ฃ๐‘„ฌ๐‘„‡๐‘„ด ๐‘„Ÿ๐‘„ช๐‘„ฌ๐‘„ฃ๐‘„ฅ๐‘„ช๐‘„ฌ๐‘„Ÿ ๐‘„น๐‘„ฝ๐‘„ฅ๐‘„ณ๐‘„ค๐‘… ๐‘„Ÿ๐‘„Ž๐‘„ขย  ๐‘„ƒ๐‘„ณ๐‘„ƒ ๐‘„œ๐‘„ง๐‘„ฃ ๐‘„ƒ๐‘„ฌ๐‘„‰๐‘„ฌ๐‘„˜ ๐‘„ท๐‘„ฟ๐‘„ƒ๐‘„š๐‘„ด, ๐‘„ฌ๐‘„ก๐‘„ณ๐‘„ฆ๐‘„š๐‘„ด :ย  ย  ย  ย  ย  ๐‘„ดย  ย  ๐‘„ง ย  ย  ย ย  ๐‘„จ ย  ย 

ย ย  ๐‘„ฉ ย  ย  ย  ย  ๐‘„ช ย  ย  ๐‘„ซ ย  ๐‘„ฌ ย  ย ย  ๐‘„ฐ ย  ย ย  ๐‘„ฏ ย  ย  ย  ๐‘„ญ ย ย  ย  ๐‘„ฎ ย  ย  ๐‘„ณ๐‘„ข ย  ย ย  ๐‘„ณ๐‘„ค ย  ย ย  ย  ๐‘„ณ๐‘„ฆ ย ย  ย  ย  ๐‘„ณ๐‘„ฃ ย  ย  ย  ย  ๐‘„ณ๐‘„š ย ย  ย  ย 

ย  ๐‘„ ย  ย  ย  ย  ๐‘„‚ ย  ย  ย  ย ย  ๐‘„€

๐‘„ƒ๐‘„Ÿ ๐‘„ƒ๐‘„ณ๐‘„ฆ๐‘„ง๐‘„ข๐‘„ง๐‘„‡๐‘„ด ๐‘„ƒ๐‘„Ÿ ๐‘„›๐‘„ง๐‘„ข๐‘„š๐‘„ด๐‘…

๐‘„ƒ๐‘„Ÿ ๐‘„Ž๐‘„จ๐‘„๐‘„‡๐‘„š๐‘„ฉ ๐‘„ƒ๐‘„Ÿ ๐‘„Ÿ๐‘„š๐‘„ด ๐‘…‚

๐‘„ฌ๐‘„Ÿ๐‘„ฌ๐‘„ ๐‘„ฌ๐‘„ข๐‘„‰

Hotels, Motels & Resorts in Bandarban

Name of the Premise Address Phone Number Bandarban Circuit House (Government Owned) Zilla Sadar, Bandarban +88-0361-62223,

+88-0361-62506 Holiday Inn Resort Meghla, Bandarban +8801748962312,


+88-0361-63117 Hotel Plaza Bandarban Ward No.7, Army Para, Bandarban +88- 0361-63252, 160 more words


The Buddha Dhatu Jadi, Bandarban

The Buddha Dhatu Jadi (Bengali: เฆฌเงเฆฆเงเฆง เฆงเฆพเฆคเง เฆœเฆพเฆฆเฆฟ; also known as the Bandarban Golden Temple) is located close to Balaghata town, in Bandarban City… 241 more words