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Speedy Ortiz is back with no frills rocker "In My Way" -- listen

After participating in an anti-inaugural concert and Bandcamp’s #NoBanNoWall campaign, it’s clear Speedy Ortiz frontwoman Sadie Dupuis stands in vigorous opposition to Donald Trump. Her latest contribution to the cause is a new track with Speedy Ortiz, “In My Way.” 83 more words


Announcing, “Feel The Slowness”!

I am proud to announce that my long-awaited second soundscape album called “Feel The Slowness” has dropped via my Bandcamp (https://devinmurphyartist.bandcamp.com/album/feel-the-slowness).

And Feel The Slowness is an audio album made up of 14 individual soundscapes which aim to get the listener to feel the quality or state that being slow can bring about, hence slowness. 73 more words


death's dynamic shroud.wmv

Hailing from Philadelphia, PA, James Webster goes by HCMJ, death’s dynamic shroud.wmv, Winter Sleep, and a few other aliases. He is part of the Ghost Diamond, a collective body of music, with close friend and music buddy Tech Honors.  1,681 more words


The Sweetest Obsession

They came out of nowhere. They were the unexpected guest. They got into the party because they were friends of a friend. Now I never want them to leave. 716 more words