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Self Possession free EP (reprised)

Here’s a free-download EP from back in Feb 2015, now available on Bandcamp – have a listen.  It’s a bit more lo-fi and unpolished than the stuff I’ve commercially released of late… a direction I’d like to go back in… 11 more words


"World of izioq": new album out!

Guess it was time to update the blog a little bit so… welcome to this new journey into the world of izioq!
I’m super proud of this album and I really hope you’ll love this new mix of electro chiptune video game indie pop whatever music: I don’t even know how to name it but you’ll find here a lot of genre and influence to enjoy :) 44 more words


NEMESIS available for free now

After the release in April NEMESIS got so many positive reactions from all over the world (find some here). All the feedback really means a lot to me … Thank you! 178 more words



The fuzzed up indie-pop of Portland four-piece A Certain Smile gives us today’s #onegoodthing.

Morning Sun is spiky and persistent, driving through to invoke memories of early-90’s bands like Ride, but with a clearer pop strand to their identity and a punkier edge to boot.


Week #18: Politburo - "Barrington Way"

This week’s blind date is Barrington Way by Politburo. You can listen along HERE.

What does it sound like? Let’s hit play and find out. 10 more words


Music: Antecessor - Olympus Mons

The same day that Antecessor brought their magical electronic sounds to the PDX Pop Now festival, the duo released a new collection of tunes recorded between 2013 and 2015 to delight any of the folks who were unable to make it to the weekend event. 111 more words