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It's Not Just The Way You Move With Me

How often does a band that puts out two albums, neither of which exactly dominated the mainstream, get a greatest hits album? Well, in this one instance it does happen. 456 more words


Anathema by Endemise - A Comment

Out this Friday October 28th 2016, is Endemise‘s new full-length album, Anathema, released via Maple Metal Records.

A blackened death metal act from Ottawa, Canada, they deliver us a solid album that is as symphonic as it is aggressive. 51 more words


'Sacro-Kvltvs Dementis' by The Unhuman Thorn - A Comment

Out last April 27th 2016 was released ‘Sacro-Kvltvs Dementis‘ by The Unhuman Thorn via Symbol of Domination Production and .

A blackened death metal one-man project from Chile, … 98 more words


Introducing Night Hikes

Meet Olivia and Matt. Together they form the dream-pop duo by the name of Night Hikes. Based out of South Bend, Indiana and San Diego, California, I had a chance to meet Night Hikes at one of the Trybe “The Gallery” series shows, which I was also a part of. 84 more words

New Music

So it’s been a while since I picked up new music.

S U R V I V ERR7349

I picked up this album, and it turns out they were also the same people the put together the soundtrack for Stranger Things (which I have only seen the final two episodes, because of housemates and Netflix). 229 more words


'Termestella Cvltvs' by Bestialized - A Comment

Out last May 21st 2016 was ‘Termestella Cvltvs‘ by Bestialized via Satanath Records and MurdHer Records.

A well established black metal act of Colombia, ‘ 73 more words



This is a taster of the forthcoming release. Pay what you like single track.

“And on the pedestal, these words appear:
My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings; … 32 more words