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My musical listening choices have a lot to do with my mood – today I insistently bumped into the wrong sonic possibilities but then THIS came out of nowhere and it fits perfectly on my late sunday morning and of course my mood says thank you …


Yves Tumor - Experiencing the Deposit of Faith

Part Brian Eno, part DJ Shadow; Sean Bowie a.k.a. Yves Tumor is crafting his ambient magic using samples and damaged, ethereal sounds. On his 2017 self-released album… 119 more words

[Music] El Arca de Valjós - La Pálida Alma Humana

I love Mexican progressive rock, especially when it’s avant-progressive. Many great bands came down the beltway from Mexico, especially from the capital. El Arca de Valjós… 14 more words


Ambient Waves :: Epop Nivek's 'Second Hand Processing' Is Experimental Bliss

While doing my year-end round up, I stumbled across Epop Nivek on Bandcamp.  Being a fan of experimental composers and songs, I put it on the backburner to check out, and as per usual, 2018 got busy to the point that I overlooked it.  82 more words


Big White - I Can't Tell

Radiant rays spotlighting water droplets sparkled on tan toned skin of lovers, toes sailing across soft warm sand, sharing the dance floor and hands of other partners.


The most immersive experience you could ever make!

If you feel like the right vibes are missing, if you need to chill out, relax and go round and round with your mind, Loos Leaf will make you listen the perfect sound for those needs. 817 more words

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