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Maintaining An Online Presence As An Artist Part 2

In part one I covered social media management and if you haven’t read it yet, you can find it here.

In part 2 I’m going to discuss content providers, these are the sites where users can upload the content they’ve created; be it music, sound effects, videos or pictures. 467 more words


EP stream: Isolert – Isolated Soul

Two Greek guys, Nick S. and Panos T., dropped us a line about their demo EP, now available from Bandcamp. These two guys are the complete line-up of Isolert, and they work at the speed of light. 203 more words


Justin Bieber Is A Piece Of Shit And It Doesn't Matter

It’s 2015 and do you know the one thing I keep hearing about? “Justin Bieber is a piece of shit” or “Justin Bieber fucking sucks” or some variation thereof. 648 more words


On their self-titled debut, MC Turt serves up straight UK Hip Hop flows over smooth, Jazzy instrumentals from producer Instrumentalist. The duo’s first album comes via Fabricate SOUNDS , and doles out plenty of that signature UKHH boom bap while still paying homage to its US roots through its choice of vocal samples. 16 more words

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When you go to just about any search engine and search using search term… 445 more words

Compact discs

Some time ago, Sandwich shared an article entitled “When CDs Were Precious Objects” on their Facebook page with the caption “A younger generation’s Betamax.” It made me wax nostalgic about my own relationship with these shiny, delicate discs. 908 more words



If scuzzed-up surf-rock is your thing, then today’s #onegoodthing is definitely for you. Hailing from Memphis, The Lagoonas throw elements of psych, surf and garage into the rock’n’roll mix – all of which combine to create a fuzzy ball of catchiness on their January release  14 more words