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The poser!

This handsome fellow stopped and gave a perfect pose! I couldn’t help but oblige! :D


The mimic!

The Greater Racket Tailed Drongo, as it is called is an excellent mimic, unusual among birds, this smart fella will mimic many other birds voices and will sound alarm calls to scare others away and use that tactic to steal prey from others!!! 76 more words


Don't you stand in my way!!

As this hungry and angry male tiger was crossing the road, our driver and guide tried to intercept him, the growl was enough to bring both of them to their senses and they allowed him to quietly continue on his path!!! 125 more words


Mud Bath!!!

Hell its summer,
all the waters gone…

so what…
We’ll have a mud bath!!!! :D :D


Stop! Tiger on Prowl!

Early morning safari’s are blissful! Not only do you get to be in the woods early in the morning and take in the fresh air, but the slowly penetrating sunlight gives you a thousand sights that will fill your memory for all those days when you have to go to work! 146 more words


Reflections! :)

The skyline reflected!

The dense foliage around a pond!

A white breasted kingfisher stops to take a breather!

An egret gets into a statue mode to attract the fishes!


Tiger tiger burning bright!

As the jeep rolled on the safari track in the ever green Saal Forest in Bandhavgarh, the conversations kept on going to the superb tiger spotting in the morning. 141 more words