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A tiger sighting

Today is the world wildlife day and the theme this year is “Big Cats”. One of my most memorable sighting of one of the big cats, our national animal, occurred in Bandhavgarh National Park in central India in 2014. 601 more words


That Night when we chased a Tiger

Fear… Dreadful Fear

The first thing I remembered as I opened my eyes that night, I was screaming at the top of my voice and everybody else in the room was doing the same. 5,207 more words



‘बांधवगढ’ which translates to ‘Brother’s fort’ has been subject to great interest due to its tigers. If you have seen a tiger enjoying his afternoon nap in a temple complex on television, it most likely is Bandhavgarh. 445 more words

Incredible India

Bandhavgarh: Where the apex predators roam free

“Tiger cubs become independent when they are about eighteen months, but it is not until they are around two to two-and-a-half years, that they fully separate from their mother, and gradually start to move out in search of their own territory,” informed Rajesh Kr Dwivedi, our safari guide, as we rode into the dense forest of the Tala zone in Bandhavgarh National Park, for an adventurous gypsy ride. 1,176 more words


Daughter of the moving Sun- Spotty

Few tales include fairies and is much more magical than a fairy tale

It seemed like two different worlds divided by a bridge. One end had the summer sun blazing at its best, while the other had canopies diffusing the laughter of the sun turning it into a soothing smile. 615 more words


Bandhavgarh- The Fort of Feline Dreams

“The forest is testing you” my friend murmured with conviction. I sat on the chair closing my eyes as I let his words and the December breeze in one of the most famous tiger destinations in the world soothe me. 685 more words