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Breve análisis comparativo de las figuras del bandolero y del pícaro como figuras histórico-míticas de Iberoamérica


El siguiente comentario tendrá como objetivo poner de relieve algunas de las similitudes y diferencias entre la figuras histórico-míticas del bandolero y del pícaro en el contexto iberoamericano desde una perspectiva retrospectiva. 2,387 more words


Movie Wisdom - George Kennedy Edition

We saw The Gambler, and the opening scene had Mark Wahlberg talking to his hospitalized grandfather. As soon as the grandfather spoke, I knew it was George Kennedy, who has one of those voices that stands out. 224 more words


Easy Bandolero

too climbs towards fulfilling their ultimate NASCAR dreams.Daryn

built his staff from 4 workers to 114 employees. Included in the

family racing dynasty.Clayton and Kyle have built up a … 215 more words

Movie Wisdom - John Mitchum Edition

It is probably too soon for another edition of Movie Wisdom, but I have been inspired by one of my favorite movies, which is on television at this very moment. 359 more words


Ahí lejos en su celda,

bandolero sigue siendo,

no hay palomo que le cante,

ni le llegan estos versos.

“En mis líos, no te metas”, 14 more words


A Heads-Up On Colombia's Hottest Hits (Part 1)

The first month in Medellín has gone by in a flash, and now I feel it is time to reflect on some of the things I’ve learnt since arriving so that whoever feels compelled to read this may also learn a thing or two about life over here. 517 more words