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Warped Tour 2016 

​​Yes, I know I’m a bit late on this one (seeing as I went to warped in July) but I still thought it was something to be shared! 311 more words

Playlist of The Month | September

So, September is rapidly approaching and I found myself wondering why I’m more inclined to listen to certain kinds of music during certain times of the year…is that just me? 319 more words


winery night and bouncing balls

“…don’t you know that I gotta get outta here, ’cause New York’s not my home” –Jim Croce

mind not with me for quite some time… 444 more words

My Art & Writing

The Stone Roses

So I’ve taken a leaf out of Heather’s book and decided to write a blog (you can thank me for the free promo later). I used to have a tumblr but that was just… Anyway, so yeah thought that I’d blog about uni, but since Jack is asleep next to me and I’m bored I may as well just recap summer (I then started writing this post and it got incredibly long so I’ll just do it all in parts). 397 more words


"Those Days" by Lie Gramophone

By: Lie Gramophone (謊言留聲機)
Title: Those Days (Sampling “Last Christmas” by Wham!)
Genre: Electro Rock, Rap
Language: Mandarin, English
Origin: Taiwan


TEST: What 80's Song was Meant for You?

Ah, the 80’s… The hair, the music, the acid washed jeans – life was grand!

Whether you were donning your finest spandex and getting your hair to be the size of Texas or putting on the leathers and air-fingering Guns’n’Roses, it’ll still go down as arguably, the most diverse, eclectic and extravagant decade in history. 54 more words