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Silence vs Arguing: Why I Chose Being Silent Over Jumping Into Arguments

Cliche metaphor as it sounds but still as relevant today that shallow waters are noisy, and deep waters are silent.

Let me take you across my thoughts on why over time, I chose being silent over jumping into arguments. 563 more words


Hopping on the Bandwagon

It seems silly to admit it! My husband and I actually swore we’d never jump on the keto bandwagon! We didn’t really understand the concept of the diet, and honestly didn’t care too much to follow the newfound fad. 261 more words


Why you should LOVE the NBA BANDWAGON-ERS (NBA Story Teller) - Reactions

The NBA Storyteller – Published on Nov 16, 2017

Basketball, don’t you know..? I break people down into two categories, the informed and the uninformed. Same with basketball fans. 892 more words


Eve of Man

Excellent little read if you’re on a bus full of people and want to zone out rather than listen to Michelle at the back argue with her fella for leaving the dog poop for her to clean this morning… What? 166 more words


The Worst People in the World: New England Patriots Fans

Are you a bandwagon jumper or do you cheer for the underdogs? 

Now that the NFL season is well underway as we are in the middle of week seven, things are getting serious. 383 more words


Last Cat On Mars Presents: Band-age - It's a Thing

Not to be judgmental, but I’m hoping that gang of peeps isn’t one of our Martian mining cohorts. On the other hand, they seem like a jolly lot, willing to ride on any passing vehicle or hayride. 44 more words


Short Essays on Philippine Politics

NOTE: The following expositions are written last July 22, 2017 for the Seminar in Philippine Politics class of Mr. Ramon Beleno III, chair of the Political Science & History Department under the Social Sciences Cluster, School of Arts and Sciences, Ateneo de Davao University. 3,463 more words
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