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in the abandonment
of life

and prolonged pursuit

fresh air
could not compare

to the stench
of  her own breath

© Anthony Gorman 2017… 8 more words


When Shadows Threaten

Most of my life has been in the shadow of someone else. Whether this was a real person, or a fictitious nemesis, there was always something to outdo me; to outshine me. 292 more words

Subway Shorts - They Were Done

Just when they thought they were out, someone pulls them back in. Yes, that quote is maybe the only good thing to come out of Godfather III, but it’s also a unifying theme of the books covered in this edition. 518 more words

DC Comics

Tee 725

Gotham City Rogues

Unknown designer


Batman And Bane (Rebirth)

Just by looking at this you know both of them won’t be the same after the fight.

From – Batman Vol. 3 #19


The Riddler Can Break New Genesis Locks

Never knew the Riddler was that kind of smart. I kinda skipped Zero Year in the New 52.

From – Batman Vol. 3 #19


Bane VS The Scarecrow (Rebirth)

Well, Scarecrow lasted longer than Two-Face. That’s something at least.

From – Batman Vol. 3 #19