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Kolkata -the ultimate happiness.

Kolkata – the City of JOY, the ultimate happiness.
‘Kolkata’ formerly known as ‘Calcutta’, the phenomenal, incredible city around the world. People of kolkata celebrate most of the festival and highest number of festivals in this planet, you can called it as “Festival City”. 671 more words


Pictures funnier than me

Meditated. In a peaceful mood. Too peaceful to write complete senten….. Here’s a picture-

She did. She meditated. She mad. She peace.

Don’t you wish your girlfriend was….restful like me……sometimes after meditating. 34 more words


Monthly Bengali Hymn 1

My favorite lines of the lyrics (translated to English) under the videos

“Friend, just for today

Let’s bathe in the sun’s shower”

The only witnesses were the moon and the stars… 119 more words


10 reasons why it is amazing to be a bengali 

Durga pujo is round the corner and thus it is that time of the year when all bengalis feel “most bangali” in their life. 😂 (And I am no different) 845 more words


Rest of the Rawr (and a video)

Raw thoughts. I don’t know how to get my rawest….how do you say ‘rawest’? “Rawr-rest?” Or like “Raw-rest”? Wait, I think the first one seemed a bit too much. 152 more words


Eilshe Guri Festival at the Aaheli, Axis Mall:

Ilish for us, bengalis, is not a fish. It is an emotion, and beyond. Last Saturday I fought my way through all the puddles, muck and splashes of the typical rainy day, to reach the Aaheli, Axis Mall for their Eilshe Guri Festival, on an invitation to KFB. 132 more words


To Love or not to Love the new-age Ilish:

The much-famed Ilish (Hilsa, for the uninitiated), holds a special place in the heart of Bangalis worth their ‘Machh-Bhaat‘. Be it fellow commuters in the crowded bus, or colleagues at office, or even relatives meeting after years, the conversations held any time between May and September, has to, invariably, hover around the… 640 more words