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Inventory is the new watchword!! Location be damned!!

Vishnu Shankar

For over a hundred years, the answer to the question as to what are the 3 factors to look into while making a realty investment remained the same. 303 more words

Bangalore Property News

Realty - Glass half full or half empty ??

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Vishnu Shankar

It is no secret that the property markets have cooled down in 2015 after a hectic bull run which spanned a decade. 365 more words

Bangalore Property News

Devanahalli is finally happening

By Vishnu Shankar

Devanahalli is alternatively described as the most potential investment destination in Bangalore as well as the one that under performed the most too. 524 more words

Bangalore Property News

Too much supply in North Bangalore ??

Vishnu Shankar



North Bangalore has been the most used buzzword for quite sometime in the realty circles here in Bangalore. It is the default phrase that is used by builders, agents and many consumers too when spoken about attractive investment options.  382 more words

Bangalore Property News

L&T launches a blockbuster project between Hebbal and Yalahanka

One would not miss the L&T Komatsu compound on his left between Hebbal and Yelahanka, while travelling to the Bangalore airport from the city. This property is now being developed by L&T into a residential complex by name Raintree Boulevard. 126 more words

Bangalore Property News

"Best of Bangalore" is happening in South Bangalore

All cities have 2 parts. One part that is mechanical and the other part that is functional.

Mechanical part of any city is generally close to the workplaces, where the area as such usually lacks functionality. 194 more words

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