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The Checklist

“Traveling” is a very misappropriated name for the thing that I love to do. I hate the actual traveling component of it. I hate going through airport security and waiting for buses and figuring out the train system of a different country. 574 more words


Teens of Thailand

An amusingly named and chic cocktail bar in Bangkok’s Chinatown.

Sexual Violence – Prevention and Response

“Sexual Violence is not one of the most popular or frequently discussed topics in Thailand — nor on America or Europe or in the media.  The absence of discussion doesn’t mean an absence of occurrences.  

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Maestro 39 BY Major Development

Maestro 39 is a low-rise condominium in Soi Sukhumvit 39 by Major Development.

Maestro 39 BY Major Development

Maestro 39 BY Major Development

Maestro 39 BY Major Development… 73 more words


Waiting for food? No chance.

Waiting for food? No chance.

เจ้าเหมียวท่าทางจะหิวจัดนะ ให้อะไรกินหน่อยสิ

This cat seems to be very hungry. Please give the kitty some food.

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Day 1 in South East Asia - Bangkok

After a 10 hour overnight flight from Amsterdam plus 5 hours time difference arriving in Bangkok was a sight for weary eyes. Navigating this foreign land feels a bit like trying to navigate the roads of Italy, slight chaos so you just have to go for it. 414 more words