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Peanut Butter, Banana & Honey Flapjack Laddoo Recipe

Whenever I enter the kitchen with the aim of producing food rather than eating it, I always manage to hear the faint bellow of klaxons going off in the mind of my mother. 524 more words


To A New Beginning!

I have decided to start anew. Start clean and fresh. It was long overdue.

I almost forgot how much I like writing. The fun I had while pouring out my thoughts in an organised disorganised way. 1,276 more words


'Indian' mac’n’cheese with yogurt is the reason why you should get your desi food in Southall* and not in Central London

by Henna Zamurd-Butt Follow @hennazb

*Or Wembley, Whitechapel, Green Street, Tooting, Slough etc.

“What’s your bestselling dish today?” I am both hopeful and deeply doubtful. 929 more words


Yellow Split Peas Halwa/Fudge

Making this rich, velvety, amber hued Halwa/Fudge will require your utmost patience. It will ask you to stir until your hands get numb. But the end result is worth the pain. 232 more words


Bangladeshi girls being trained how to avoid online predators

With an alarming rise in cybercrimes, often including blackmail, police offer workshops for thousands of teenagers What their attackers bet on is shame: in a conservative society, the horror of an intimate photo leaking, or rumours being spread, is enough to buy a teenage girls silence. 14 more words

Inner Peace

As a young adult finding her way through life, stress and anxiety seem to always be one step behind me. I’m a worrier, I always have been, as well as a thinker – sometimes an over-thinker. 543 more words

For Her


Now it’s your turn to let her sleep under your wings and warmth for she turned your dark, doomed days into an unthreatened, unchained kaleidoscopic rainbow. 191 more words