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In Photos: Bangor, ME (August 2017)

I would also like to give Alec (he’s in some of the photos) and his lovely family an official thank you for hosting me and showing me around! 101 more words



The National Association of Realtors knows the complexity of the current tax system and seeks to assure that tax reforms support the goals of homeownership and freedom to buy, maintain and sell real estate. 220 more words

Sometimes our focus is on the thing nearest to us, but that’s not always the most important. I have always overlooked people that are far away from me because it would be a challenge to be with them.

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This time of year is notorious for causing nostalgia. Thinking back about friends and family and all the experiences we have had this summer. Then I start to think about summers past and where I went wrong.

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I do it because i can, I can because I want to, I want to because you said I couldn’t.



12 extraordinary structures around Wales

Wales might be small, but for its size it “hides” a surprisingly large amount of historic structures and ruins – from castles to cathedrals and Victorian piers… 1,424 more words


Day 285 Mile 285: Keeping It On the Straits & Narrows

Day 285 Mile 285: Keeping It On the Straits & Narrows. After the epic weather of the last few days the morning has come with a promise of a window of calm. 425 more words