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Stairway renovation - Part 2

Finally I can show you my finished result of my stairway renovation. It has been 3 weeks by now and normally it shouldn’t take that long to finish this kind of job, but we had some small problems here and there. 251 more words

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WATCH: Parrot Slides Down Banister

As we watched this, we all said, we want to do that!!!!


Digging Into the History of the Stairway

Since there’s nothing new to talk about with what I’m doing right now and I got quite a few comments about my banister, I thought it’d be a good time go in depth with its history. 500 more words

Crooked House Renovation

Planning the stairway... to the end!

This is exciting because although I’ve been thinking about the end of this project (meaning the whole house) for a long time, there’s been too much left for me to be able to write out every step to anything. 494 more words

Crooked House Renovation

The Balusters are Heating Up

I had high hopes about all the progress that would happen when I switched to the paint stripper that burns skin. The post about it was to be called Toxic Love. 461 more words

Crooked House Renovation

Out of Denial and Into the Stairwell

Now that the spraying operations are winding down, I can turn to one of the last things I’ve sort of ignored for the last two years: the bannister. 533 more words

Crooked House Renovation