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Review: Rare Replay

Rare Replay features 30 games from gaming studio Rare and is the best way to see how gaming has come a long way from how it started back in the 80’s. 437 more words

Top 8 Women & Girls of Color in Games Who Deserved Better

American feminism was not made with women and girls of color in mind. Sure, this seems like a downer to start off with, but being ignored by a massive Western movement supposedly trying to create better livelihoods for women for the past 200 years isn’t exactly positive. 2,627 more words


Rare Replay's Behind-the-Scenes video series to continue on YouTube

In my video review of Rare Replay, I said that one of my favourite parts about the collection was the behind-the-scenes content – titled Rare Revealed –  chronicling the development of Rare’s classic games. 149 more words


New trending GIF tagged reactions thumbs up creep...

New trending GIF tagged reactions, thumbs up, creep, creeper, banjo kazooie, creeping via http://ift.tt/1EGIuTJ

Rare posts early Banjo 2.5D image, teases more to come

Will we see Project Dream soon, at last?

Check out the tweet from Rare below:

Enjoy the Rare Revealed videos? We'll make some more for YouTube!

42 more words

Retro Review - Banjo-Kazooie

Welcome to Spiral Mountain, home of Banjo and Kazooie, and a slew of other characters!

…Also floating veggies. Because, logic, right?

Anyway guys welcome to my brand new Retro Review series. 741 more words


The Bear and the Bird Are Back!!!

I’ve been a HUGE fan of platforming games ever since I booted up Super Mario World for the first time.  There’s no feeling quite like finally reaching the flag at the end of a Mario level, having relied on skill and reflexes, (and a healthy dose of luck) to help you make it there.  1,447 more words

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