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There is no easy way of reviewing all the content packed into Microsofts Rare Replay bundle. For €30, you are getting 30 games – many of which are beloved classics and some that have become relative rarities – ironically enough. 973 more words


A few more early Banjo tidbits from Gregg Mayles

Some more design docs posted yesterday, pulling back the curtain even more on the early designs for Banjo-Kazooie. Check out Gregg’s tweet for more info! 31 more words


Banjo-Kazooie confirmed to have started out as a "semi-3D" linear platformer

Gregg Mayles revealed  the news once again on Twitter today. His tweet below, as well as some images of the docs that you can click to enlarge. 30 more words


Once upon a time, Banjo-Kazooie featured a variety of balls

(Don’t worry, this is safe for work.)’\

Anyway, another day, another batch of Banjo design docs up on Gregg Mayles’ Twitter.

Check them out bellow. A few neat tidbits in there. 20 more words


Original Banjo-Kazooie collectible to be fruit instead of notes

The startling revelation was revealed once again by Gregg Mayles on Twitter. Having a hard time keeping up with all the secrets Gregg is dropping! 6 more words


Looking Back - Nintendo 64 Games that I Missed

One Christmas(1998) sitting under our tree there was the N64. I was super happy. One thing about my N64 days I missed some games… 589 more words