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First Impressions: Besiege

Besiege is an early access game available on Steam, it is being developed by Spiderling Studios.  It entered Early Access on January 28, 2015 and is currently in version .05, so when I say this game is in Early Access, I mean it’s still being built and a lot can change. 527 more words

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Top 10 Modern Video Game Soundtracks

Video games are wonderful pieces of art, but it’s extremely hard to name a video game and not remember the epic music that played while you were making progress through certain levels. 1,018 more words


Watch the Banjo-Kazooie That Only the Audience at SXSW Got to Play

The audience at the SXSW Gaming Awards got to play a special Banjo-Kazooie experience, but Rare didn’t announce a new game.

The image you see above may look like it’s from a new Banjo-Kazooie game, but it isn’t. 173 more words

The Mustard of Your Doom

The greatness of heroes is somehow limited. After all, their heroic acts can only be as big as the problems they have to solve. A firefighter will not win many medals if all he does is save kittens from the top of trees in some small town; only the very rewarding gratitude of the pets’ owners. 1,414 more words


Mostly Gaming News: Project Ukulele gets outed... kinda

So some really cool news recently came out about Project Ukulele.

Even though it’s a WIP still, the game world looks gorgeous even now. I legitimately want to jump in and run around, exploring every nook and cranny. 229 more words

Mostly Gaming News

The World Needs A New Banjo-Kazooie Installment (Pt. 2)

As seen before in my previous blog post I believe I made my point clear that the world (video game world) needs a new Banjo-Kazooie installment. 525 more words