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With the advent of the 64bit generation consoles came the power to build 3D games and the power to shift larger amounts of polygons around the screen than the previous 16bit/32bit generations. 699 more words


My Thoughts on Let's Plays and Streaming

Gaming and YouTube didn’t always go hand in hand, in fact, there was a time when YouTube removed the Video Games category entirely (some people said this was a good idea). 546 more words

Banjo's Backpack Next Version Updates Character Importer

Banjo’s Backpack, the Banjo-Kazooie game editor made by Skill and Coolboyman, will now be able to replace a character model with an animated model and customize speech bubbles with your own sprites and audio. 147 more words

Are Video Games getting easier? Also Microtransactions Update!

There has been a long-standing argument that video games are getting easier to appeal to younger players. You often hear older players complain that they didn’t have it as easy when they were growing up. 491 more words

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Zelda Breath of the Wild is a Case Study in Game Tutorials

You know what else The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild gets right that so many other open-world games miss? The tutorial.

I’ve heard very little mention of how the game’s initial area: The Great Plateau, does such a great job of being a thick tutorial without actually feeling like a tutorial. 1,332 more words


Amazing Forgotten Video Games That Needs A Sequel

There was a time when Skating games, Rap Games, Stunts Games and more were used to break sales record and some prime examples being Tony Hawk and Crazy Taxi. 443 more words