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The Reputation of Banjo Tooie Isn't Just Mumbo Jumbo

Game: Banjo Tooie
Year of Release: 2000
System: Nintendo 64
Publisher:  Nintendo
Genre: platformer, action/adventure

So I know what you’re first thought is. Why would you play and review Banjo Tooie without playing or reviewing Banjo Kazooie? 1,686 more words


Project Dream’s Evolution into Banjo-Kazooie

For years, the mysteries surrounding Banjo-Kazooie have fascinated me.  One of these mysteries was, of course, the infamous Stop ‘n’ Swop, an unused feature in the game that, while never implemented (not until the XBox Live Arcade anyway) in the Nintendo 64 era as intended, was still outright talked about by the characters as if it was indeed still a real thing, causing much confusion to players who went on to seek out something that didn’t actually exist.  738 more words


Turok Banjo Hunter WIP

I started this mod awhile back and I got motivated to get back into it recently. Before I had ported Spiral Mountain and Mumbo’s Mountain long ago, but today I started by porting Bubblegloop Swamp.


#23: Banjo Kazooie (N64)

This game has great music, fun characters, mostly fun levels, pretty annoying camera and N64 controls ^^

The last boss took me HOURS to beat and I was missing ONE note to open the last door, ONE FUCKING NOTE. 38 more words

Yooka-Laylee (Switch) Review

A Banjo-Kazooie Rare-vival!

Back in the Nintendo 64 era, 3D platformers represented the wave of the future. No longer confined to two dimensions, cute mascot characters ran amok through large, sprawling worlds. 1,137 more words



Yooka-Laylee (2017)

You don’t need to know me particularly well to gather that I’m almost allergic to spending money. The way I see it, every little penny that I’ve tricked people into giving me is a hard-earned penny indeed. 1,693 more words

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