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The goodness of a long hiatus from writing and being out in the wild for a while is you discover a lot of things, anything under the sun that become an inspiration for anyone to write. 841 more words


Extortion: How to reclaim unfair bank charges

If you have incurred wrong or unfair bank charges, banking experts say you can try to reclaim them or come to an arrangement with your bank, especially if you’re in financial hardship. 1,396 more words


The Tory government is a crime against the humanity of the nation

I’ve just transferred some money across to my nieces bank account because she’s gone overdrawn because she hasn’t been paid this month. I did it not just because I care about her, but because I am raging angry, because we always pay, even after we bailed the banks out, we always pay, and bank charges, in particular, drive me incoherent with rage. 1,291 more words


The Bank Is Programmed to Legally Swindle You!

Those are tough words–a rough general indictment of the banking industry. Unfortunately it is true.

Do not bank where a monthly fee is charged for a checking or savings account if you generally have a reasonable balance! 187 more words

Monetary Savings

Daybook Entry 22nd May 2017

For Today… 22nd May 2017

Outside my window… the evening is cooling down a little. Some clouds in the sky but some bright sunshine too. A great metaphor for life! 384 more words


Overdraft claims by debt purchasers

I have found quite a few cases being litigated lately where the underlying debt arises out of an overdraft. The general approach that seems to be adopted when defending these claims seems to overlook section 140A Consumer Credit Act 1974. 348 more words

Online Sales

For people too far away but so much interested in buying a (framed) photograph or jewelry Private Gallery offers the possibility of buying online. Payments can be made per Paypal or EFT. 189 more words