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UK Foreign Office racks up mother of all bank charge for late bill payment - just £124,970.08!

You might have got a charge for late payment of your credit card, but it’s probably nothing compared to the £124,970.08 charge that the British foreign office appears to have racked up. 270 more words


Rewarded for being Rich and Penalised for being Poor

Now I have had a rant about 9-5 and about Law and the Curriculum, now let’s rant about…

What kind of country do we live in where it is standard… 1,478 more words


401k and IRA vs 24k

If you had a choice what would rather have in terms of retirement, would you like to have an account that you charges you to save you dollars that lose value, and then reward you with a return that is defeated by inflation, or would you prefer to get paid a weekly passive residual income saving in a format that gained value instead of lost it and protected you from inflation? 970 more words



Yesterday a hearing took place in the County Court that many may overlook as being the norm, a debt purchaser lost its case and failed to recover any money. 276 more words

Mixed feelings on proposed VAT on bank charges

FINANCIAL institutions are facing a huge
challenge on how to implement value added
tax (VAT) on bank charges, as proposed in
the 2016/17 budget. 444 more words


Poor People - Please Just Stop It

NEW YORK – In a ruling by banks earlier today it was decided that not having enough money was still an excellent reason to charge customers money. 147 more words