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Will We Ever Be Free Of Excessive Bank Charges?

In Nigeria, as in many other economies, banks levy charges on customers for providing services and facilitating transactions. This is an additional source of revenue for the banks outside of lending cost and is known as non-interest income. 452 more words


Banks are dinosaurs...

Sometimes serendipity just drops an idea in your lap. I was lying in bed with my GF this morning when she told me that her bank called her yesterday to sell her identify theft insurance. 462 more words


Job hunting in Germany

Little by little, I can feel myself becoming more German. This manifests itself in many different ways, but a few that spring to mind are: 625 more words


Effort and Reward

Debt payment; Effort and Reward.

It was a few years ago when my main credit card company, without warning, dropped my credit limit down to exactly what I owed them. 585 more words


Interesting Find on Modern Day Poverty

Recently, I came across Kathleen Kerridge’s article about modern day poverty. This one struck a deep chord with me, to the point I went and found the author’s FB… 1,044 more words


bills, bills, bills.

Sometimes, and it is rare, my situation gets to me.  It does take a lot, by definition I am a very strong person.  I handle personal crisis well but occasionally it gets too much.  391 more words


Diane Moalem brings you 6 easy-to-follow tips to make it easy for you to save on your bank charges.

Daily living expenses are always on the rise, so I thought it would be a great idea to help you save on items you can change. 603 more words

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