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Save our Rural Bank

Dear Kirsty Williams

Further to you sharing the letter from Lisa Kennedy, Barclays Head of Corporate Relations Central Corporate Affairs Retail and Business Banking; I would like to personally address the questions she raised. 1,020 more words


Web Header: What to Expect from a Financial Planner

I am using humorous approach to visualize a financial planner who has to provide comprehensive financial planning, investment, tax, insurance and other related services to his clients. 25 more words

Graphic Design

Good Bye SGNY

Overwhelming – Intense – Beautiful

Believe it or not, these are the 3 words that best describe my last week at work.

I never thought I would be feeling so much love from people working at an investment bank :) Pretty amazing. 199 more words

New York

Wells Fargo Is An Ideal Investment: Capital Preservation With Chance Of Appreciation


– A number of hedge funds and value investors have positions in the shares of Wells Fargo.

– Wells Fargo will continue to increase its dividend and share repurchases with strong financials. 147 more words


Level up: boss level passed 

After lots of attempts finally my bank is in my new name… Wooohooo 🎉

It was as easy as changing clothes… If the clothes are in your size of course.. 105 more words


choosing the right bank

I am currently choosing the right bank for me thus I made some research.

I want a bank with the lowest maintaining balance but is easily accessible. 46 more words