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Toshiro, Zaraki, Byakuya vs Gerard! Fighting Together - Bleach 671

Bleach 671 covers all three Shinigami’s, Toshiro, Zaraki and Byakuya as they all fight against Gerard. While Toshiro uses his abilities in his new Adult-Body, he freezes Gerard in an effort to stop him but escapes quickly. 462 more words


Bleach, Zanpakutō *spoilers*

Because you clicked on here, something that’s marked as spoilers, I’m going to assume that you’ve watched at least one or two seasons of Bleach so I won’t explain some of the words used because you guys should probably know them by now. 172 more words


1000 Scenarios - Kisuke Urahara

With Kisuke Urahara being known for his means by the Quincy Force, he is known to be a powerhouse of information and knowledge. His ability allows him to come up 1000 scenarios before ever going in so he isn’t caught with his pants down. 102 more words

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Yachiru is Zaraki's Zanpakuto! Bankai Powers - Bleach 668

Bleach 668 raises my expectation as it seems Yachiru is the physical manifestation of Zaraki’s Zanpakuto. She appears as Zaraki lays on the ground with very little power as Byakuya and Hitsugaya try their best to fight against Gerard. 626 more words


Bleach 664: No Gods here, just the God Killer (Urahara's Bankai)

Welcome back Bleach fans, I know I missed a couple weeks but I made it back to to Urahara’s freaking BANKAI!!!!!! I’m so excited, move over Shunsui, Yammamoto, Kenpachi, Rukia. 305 more words

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Urahara's Bankai! Guanyin Biraki Benehime Atarame - Bleach 664

Bleach 664 reveals Kisuke Urahara’s Bankai as “Guanyin Biraki Benihime Atarame” or in English “Inquisition of the Crimson Princess of the Doors of Avalokitesvara”. After Askin affects Urahara with his poison, Urahara is unable to do anything, even his right eye is blown up by an attack from Askin. 851 more words


2015 Death By Coconut by Oskar Blues

Rating: 5.75/6

2015 Death By Coconut by Oskar Blues brewing is a 6.3% Irish Porter aged on desiccated coconut and dark chocolate.

Pass. Dash. Hit.
391 more words

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