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Break up The Banks, Says The Fed's New Guy

The U.S. Federal Reserve’s newest policymaker and a former point man for the government’s bailout of the financial industry on Tuesday called on lawmakers to take radical action to rein in banks and protect taxpayers. 441 more words


... So , What does Greece do Now ? [#economy][#euro]...

.. well , to be honest , they did not belong in the euro in the first place . Their finances were never in good enough condition to meet what are called the ” Maastrict Criteria ” for entering the Eurozone .. 166 more words

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Victories of the Heart and Mind

I was born in 1951 and my older sister taught me to read when I was very young. I have always been more attuned to changes taking place through reading and music and the creative arts. 1,210 more words


Banks and small businesses

Banks traditionally lent to UK small/medium sized companies against security which included a debenture charging all their assets.

The security afforded by such a debenture is far less today than it used to be. 228 more words


Boo Hoo... Wall Street Says Elizabeth Warren Doesn't Understand Global Banking

JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon thinks Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren doesn’t “understand global banking system”.

So, Dimon and Warren don’t have a basic disagreement on how banks should be managed and regulated. 695 more words


2016 Presidential Race: Bernie Sanders Urges Historic Bank Reform.

by Jerry Alatalo

ou wonder if the announced candidates for President of the United States will become asked for their opinions on Bernie Sanders’ legislation to break up America’s largest banks. 829 more words

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