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How Much Can You Contribute to a SEP IRA for 2019?

The maximum SEP IRA contribution is $1,000 higher than the 2018 limit and is significantly more than can be saved for retirement in a regular IRA. 9 more words


US Housing Starts (1-unit) Fall 6.4% In May Despite Mortgage Rates Falling To 3.99% (Jay Powell To The Rescue?)

The housing starts report for May was dismal. 1-unit housing starts fell 6.4% from the previous week despite mortgage rates breaking through the 4% barrier to 3.99%. 33 more words

About face!

Central bankers have quickly pivoted to favour policies aimed at supporting the economy, notwithstanding their prior aim to raise interest rates over time.  European Central Bank (ECB) President Mario Draghi 72 more words

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Should You Supplement Your Traditional 529 with a Private 529 College Plan?

There are a few reasons to consider this strategy. One is if you think your child might want to go to a private school one day, and another is if you like a sure thing rather than taking investment risks. 9 more words


How to Know You're in the Retirement 'Red Zone'

You’re counting down to retirement and you feel like you’ve got to be almost there, but unless you’ve accounted for these factors, you may not be as close as you think. 9 more words


Checklist for Bank Audits – Making Audits More Effective

Bank audit refers to the procedures for evaluating the services and processes in banks and other financial institutions. All financial firms need to undergo this routine procedure to ensure that they are complying with the industry-specific as well as jurisdictional laws and regulations. 483 more words

Deutsche Bank To Launch €50 Billion "Bad Bank" Housing Billions In Toxic Derivatives, by Tyler Durden

When the European banking system melts down, you can be sure Deutsche Bank will be right in the middle of it. From Tyler Durden at… 193 more words