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US Existing Home Sales Fall 5% YoY To 2014 Levels As Inventory Remains Near All-time Lows

US Existing Home Sales declined 3.2% MoM in January, but fell 4.8% YoY (SA). That is the lowest growth rate since 2014.

Existing homes for sale? 54 more words

Foreign banks abandon Irish savers and borrowers

Foreign banks say no thanks to Irish savers and borrowers

With today’s announcement that RaboBank is about to exit its online savings offers, it means over the last few years, savers and borrowers in Ireland have experienced a major contraction in options to save…and borrow. 370 more words


The New Payments Platform may mean faster transactions, but it won't be safer

The New Payments Platform could lead to more fraud and abuse.

Steve Worthington, Swinburne University of Technology

Australians will finally enjoy the ability to send each other money in “real time”, with the launch of the… 877 more words



Software and computer engineering are creating a groundswell for what many have deemed the fourth industrial revolution. This next wave in the way companies, technologies and people interact, work and live relative to one another is likely to be more transformative than any previous industrial revolution we have yet seen. 942 more words

RBS Forgery Scandal Metastasizes Days before Crucial Earnings Report, by Don Quijones

The Royal Bank of Scotland has not been a good deal for its owners, Britain’s taxpayers. From Don Quijones at wolfstreet.com:

Two weeks ago, UK mega-lender Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) was accused by whistle-blowers of systematically forging customer signatures — that it had indeed trained staff to forge customers’ signatures — which elicited furious denials from senior management. 282 more words


The Amazon Cross (or Amazon Omen) Compared To Macy's

Back in 2015, department store icon Macy’s was trading at over $70 per share. Former “upstart” internet site Amazon was trading at over $500 per share. 65 more words

3 money-saving Amazon Prime perks you need to know about right now

If you’re paying $99 a year for an Amazon Prime membership, there are a few money-saving perks that you really need to know about!

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