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US Treasury 30Y-5Y Curve Slope Dips to 93.6 BPS (Lowest Level Since November 28, 2007)

With The Federal Reserve raising their Fed Funds Target rate and jawboning shrinking their almost $4.5 TRILLION balance sheet, the US Treasury 30Y-2Y yield curve slope has fallen to 93.59 basis points, the flattest curve slope since November 28, 2007.


3 Stocks to Buy for Millennial Investors

Many Millennials are steering clear of the stock market, favoring more conservative approaches toward saving for their retirement.

Research has demonstrated that just 9% of Millennials characterize themselves as investors, reported USA Today, while 46% characterize themselves as savers. 137 more words


When Will the Bull Market End?

No one knows for sure, of course, but mark your calendar for the summer of 2018.

from Kiplinger’s Personal Finance http://bit.ly/2s8IwZg


Debunking the Myths of 529 Plans for College Savers

Like saving for retirement, you can never start too early on saving for college. Take a quick true-and-false quiz to see if you grasp the power of 529 plans. 12 more words


What to Consider Before Filing for Social Security Early

When to take Social Security: It’s THE question for people as they approach retirement, and there’s lots to think about.

from Kiplinger’s Personal Finance http://bit.ly/2sIzQrd


Local Area Banks

Local Area Banks were set up as per a Government of India Scheme announced in August 1996. The intention of the government was to set up new private local banks with jurisdiction over two or three contiguous districts. 652 more words


Starling Bank passports to Europe, first stop Ireland

(Source: techcrunch.com)

London-based Starling Bank is continuing to gather momentum. After a staggered launch of its current account kicked off in March, the digital-only bank is announcing imminent expansion to Europe, starting with the Republic of Ireland where it has attained a so-called “banking passport”. 453 more words