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From Poor To The Rich-A Poem For the Bankrupt

The thanking thing
Seems really rude
When all along
We need some food
Thanking things
We never knew
For all of you
And you
And you… 14 more words


Anda Di Isytihar 'Bankrupt', Boleh Ke Ambil Insurans / Takaful?

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera.

Pernah dulu pada awal karier saya sebagai ejen, ada seorang lelaki berjumpa dengan saya dan tanya – sebagai seorang bankrupt, boleh ke tidak mengambil polisi? 189 more words

Insurans & Takaful

Pa$al Duit: Episod 1

Salam minggu November yang terakhir, wahai pembaca setiaku.

Pasal Duit merupakan drama terbaru Suria yang menggantikan drama 93m². Apabila melihat gezek drama ini buat kali pertama, saya fikir drama ni macam lame gila nak mampos? 775 more words


The Rise and Fall of the American Apparel Empire

By: Sara Bastian

Photos by: Isabel Lord

On October 5th, 2015, we saw a prominent player in the fashion industry – which defined an avant-garde era of unapologetic, loud bodysuits and disco pants – collapse. 707 more words

Fashion Industry


There was a post today on a Facebook group I am a member of about the writer forgetting how to dream as a result of a situation that I call a personal financial crisis. 415 more words

Haiku Duology, American Dream


“Sick, drug addicted, – bankrupt and crushed by collapsed – capitalism”

“A tiny clique of – rich oligarchs runs the game – and calls all the shots”

Modern World

This is the modern
Stairway to heaven
An escalator built
For a comfort ride
And on either side
Are categories of purchases
Commodities are now… 68 more words