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Can you continue to negotiate a loan modification if you file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy petition?

Arizona Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Basics

Arizona Chapter 7 FAQ’s

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Who Is the Real Donald Trump?

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It certainly behooves US voters to know the real Donald Trump. Tony Schwartz, ghost writer for Trump’s best-selling “Art of the Deal” has just come forward after 30 years with a ‘tell all’ … 628 more words


"Already Waist-Deep In Stench": The Most Corrupt Candidate Ever Is Donald Trump

Before his message was overshadowed by a scandal about his use of a white-supremacist image — a mistake that could happen to any candidate, really, so long as that candidate had inspired a massive following among neo-Nazis — Donald Trump was trying to make a point about Hillary Clinton’s corruption. 911 more words

Donald Trump

Trump Must Hate the Little Guy

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The Republican Party may rue the day they didn’t vet their presumptive candidate for President. The vetting can no longer just be about his overt and premeditated racism, or even his xenophobic wall building. 624 more words

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In Re Barry Weisband, Arizona bankruptcy case, discusses when it is proper to lift the automatic stay in bankruptcy court so they can sell your property

In Re Barry Weisband, 427 B.R. Chapter 13 (Dist. Ariz. 2010). Case No. 4:09-bk-05175-EWH.

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"Why Is Trump Upset?": It’s Because Cruz Is Schooling Him In The Art Of The Deal

Donald Trump prides himself on being able to bend arcane and unfair systems to his will.

Well, every system except one.

For years, Trump has been dogged by questions about his companies’ several bankruptcies, which are potential blemishes upon his business career. 750 more words

Donald Trump

Puerto Rico’s financial woes couldn’t be occurring at a worse time. While the citizenry is looking to the U.S. congress for real solutions, the legislators, experts, special interest agents and others are sitting around looking for the perfect non-existent solution. 1,314 more words