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What is Occupy About?

What is Occupy about? For almost the past year a movement has swept the globe known as the Occupy movement. Protesters have taken to the streets having confrontations with police, tents were set up around various cities in public common places and a shared bond across the human race has been felt striking a new momentum change for the history of human kind as people continue to connect more and more with others that share similar viewpoints being “society is messed up,” that “times are not good,” and that “We want change.” But what is Occupy really about? 3,066 more words


BREAKING: Obama to strike sweetheart deal with big banks | NPA

Call the White House right now at (202) 456-1111 and tell them: no more sweetheart deals for the banks.

Here’s what you can say when you call: 74 more words


Victory: 'Occupy' occupies seized homes

Text from Occupy Wall Street:

Today, Americans stood up and said, “We have a right to shelter. No one can take that right from us.” Today we re-occupied our homes. 227 more words