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Property, inequality and financial crises: by Frances Coppola

Read two great blog posts by Frances Coppola on the Latvian experience with recession. She makes a link between inequality and the severity of economic crisis that is worth reflecting on.

Post 1, Post 2



Titanic - The Sequel

” I wanna tell you a story” No it’s not Max Bygraves, sadly.

A personal experience in 2014 , Kent, England approximately 10.am. Adjacent to our home is a small shopping centre ‘Sava Centre’ 193 more words


Protect your Debit Card

A few months back, I made a post on your social security number could be stolen and listed seven steps to protect yourself and on number seven, I wrote never to use… 483 more words


Two of LKY's "forever" banks are criminals

Shortly before Temasek sold, MM had said that S’pore Inc’s investments in Citi, UBS, and Merill Lynch had a time-frame of 30 yrs. Temasek held its ML investment for over a yr. 75 more words


A Problem With the Financial Services Industry

Notice I said a, not the.  There are myriad problems with the financial services industry.  This one is a relatively small problem, but I find it incredibly annoying.  224 more words