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Banksy reveals his new graffiti in Gaza - video report

Graffiti artist, Banksy, has turned his attention to the streets and walls of Gaza. The street artist’s graffiti stencils on concrete rubble include an image of a crying figure wearing a head scarf, a dark scene of children playing on a fairground ride and a white cat licking its paws


Exit through the gift shop

Unscathed?- I think not…My bright shiny appearance belies what is going on underneath. Today (a day comprising another visit to my ever swelling but fading friend) is a prime example…I spilled 4 cups of coffee in Cafe Nero – yes…4…and they even offered me a 5th, but I felt too embarrassed, despite the fact that customers kept pouring (?) in, undoubtedly thinking I was today’s “entertainment”. 97 more words

OakOak - Banksy vs Homer

C’est dans sa ville natale de Saint-Etienne que le Street-artist OakOak a décidé de “s’attaquer” au très célèbre banksy en reprenant une de ses œuvres symboliques “ 32 more words

Street Art


Last week I posted about rockpools while this week, in the spirit of the idea that there is inspiration everywhere, I am posting a picture of my washing machine. 818 more words


Watch Gaza's parkour team somersault to the sound of Israeli drone strikes

“If we wash our hands of the conflict between the powerful and the powerless, we side with the powerful – we don’t remain neutral.”

Brazilian philosopher and critical theorist Paulo Frieire said it first. 213 more words

Gaza Strip

Words and Art


Blowing ones own trumpet.

I wouldn’t usually say ‘ere look at this’ but ‘ere take a butchers at this. My art piece for my contexts 1 class at uni, most people wrote memoirs, poetry and flash fictions, so I decided to think outside the box and literally use text as an object to create this piece influenced by Grayson perry and slightly by Banksy, I decided to create a piece that picked up on class/society and identity particularly the words favoured by the media particularly those that have slightly negative connotations, with each coloured canvas signifying different areas. 62 more words