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42. Exit Through The Gift Shop


It is hard to determine what art is. I think defining art is very personal. After watching Exit Through The Gift Shop, my opinion on what art is for me changed from something beautiful or thought-provoking into this idea that art is anything that someone is passionate about. 217 more words

Feel the Rainbow, Taste the Rainbow

“Some feel the rain, others just get wet.” Bob Marley

Banksy, a masked street artist, has painted two signifiers in this piece; the man with the umbrella and the child. 165 more words

The Walled Off Hotel

Many readers will already know of Banksy‘s most recent project – the Walled Off Hotel on Caritas Street in occupied Bethlehem, which opened earlier this month.   987 more words


Art Afternoon Tea

The credit for this amazing discovery has to go to my mother who read about it in the New Zealand paper! I hadn’t even heard about it but immediately booked (and recruited friends to join later) as looked incredible. 470 more words

London Restaraunts

Have the Arts Been Surpassed by Social Media?

Kurt Vonnegut was a pretty out-there guy in many respects. Read any of his classic books, like Slaughterhouse-Five—where Billy Pilgrim, survivor of the infamous Dresden firebombing becomes unstuck in time—and you’ll see that his brain worked in a special way. 769 more words