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Additional Images

These are some additional images that I took this semester.

Digital Imaging

Fine Art Print

With this image, I had a fun time designing and editing the image as well as the taking of the image. This image was taken during the Bannack Excursion during the portrait shootout. 135 more words


Fine Art Print

This was my original photo. There were quite a few edits that I needed to do. I adjusted the levels, saturation, and contrast. I also adjusted the sharpness, and the clarity of the image. 59 more words

Digital Imaging

Top Five

These are my favorite five pictures from this semester.

Which one do you like best?


COMM 300 - Tasteful Typography

Title: MUSCLE CRE Regular

Body: Janda Safe and Sound Regular

Title: Coneria Script Regular

Body: Century Gothic Regular

Title: Roadbrush Regular

Body: Czaristite Bold

Here are some personal Typography Designs that I’ve been working on

Comm 300


Title: Songti TC Light

Title: Lust Script Regular

Body: Avenir Next Mediium

Body: Book Antiqua Regular

Title: Dawning of a New Day Regular

Body: Devanagari Sangam Mn Regular… 77 more words

Digital Imaging