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As a photography class, we went to visit the ghost town in Bannack, Montana. Rich in history, this place was filled to the brim with inspiration for photos and special creative ideas. 373 more words

Comm 300

Nailed it

Part two bannack adventure

Our second task at Bannack was to create a 5 piece series of something we found in the town. After exploring around, I was intrigued by the various nails that were everywhere. 248 more words


Creative Shooting

Beautiful bannack

It was such a fun experience to travel to the famous ghost town of Bannack, Montana. The cool (literally and figuratively) buildings stand on a main street with various colors and sizes waiting for you to explore inside. 404 more words


Creative From Bannack

My Digital Imaging class took a trip this past week to Bannack Montana, This old western ghost town used to host 3,000 people because of the gold mining that was done there. 28 more words

COMM 300

Bannack Best: Series - Aged Metal

The theme of my series shooting is aged metal. Bannack had aged metal indoors and outdoors – chairs, doorknobs, stoves and mining equipment. For this post, I selected my favorite 6 shots. 69 more words


Bannack Ghost Flares

Bannack Ghost Town Excursion – part 2


I took many photos on our excursion to Bannack, Montana. I needed to take at least five images of some common theme. 296 more words

Fast Shutter

Bannack Creative Photos

Bannack Ghost town Excursion – part 1

As you can see from the above thumbnails, I have a picture of Kylie on a stool, a picture of the blank background, and then a lower exposure so that I could get a nice exposure of the window. 293 more words

Fast Shutter