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Banned Books? by Gerald

Books should not be banned in libraries and middle schools. First off, parents can establish rules at home. My parents have established rules at home, and I’m sure other parents have. 163 more words


Should you be allowed to ban books? By Shelby

Banning Books?

No, they shouldn’t be banned because books are an important part of life. They help you learn about the world around you. (Nonfiction) They also let your imagination go wild. 79 more words


Book Banning By Zoe

 People ban books for many different reasons but to achieve one goal, keep people from reading the book. Book banning is fundamentally wrong and shouldn’t be legal Banning books violates everyone’s rights as American citizens. 180 more words


Banned Book Week!

What a week, filled with intrigue, corruption, illicit and criminal behavior! And that was just on the part of the staff!  What more could you ask of… 296 more words

What Exactly is Wrong with Banning Books? By Connor

Books should not be banned by adults. One reason is, challenged books usually represent real life situations. The challenged And Tango Makes Three actually happens in real life, and kids need real life situations in books so it is easier to handle it than in real life. 106 more words


The Issue With Banning Books by Liv

A practice that has been going on for years, book banning. But should we really restrict books from children? Book banning is bad for our society, and should be stopped. 262 more words


Black, White, Other: In Search of Nina Armstrong by Joan Steinau Lester

Nina Armstrong didn’t think much about being biracial until her parents split up.  She didn’t think much about her creamy mocha skin and curly brown and red hair. 324 more words

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