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Taking Action to stay relevant

For most of us, the library is a place that is avoided unless given an express reason to go. Whether it be to study, find research materials or attend an event, there is typically something that has to spur us into action before we will set foot in a library. 366 more words


Classics Being Banned By: Kate

           What are differences between Catherine and David’s
needs, why do David’s needs always come before Catherine’s needs? David has
autism and that does make things harder but should he be getting everything he wants? 201 more words


🚫📖🚫I Read Banned Books Pt. 2🚫📖🚫

So this post is way more delayed than I intended it to be. Between work, getting sick, and my biggest reading slump of the year, my banned books week reading didn’t exactly go according to plan. 670 more words

Freedom To Read Tag

Hello all! Happy Sunday (gosh I just love Sundays!) Anyhoo- I always find Sundays make the perfect day for chilling out and doing a tag. And because I am evidently not done with this topic yet- I thought it would be the perfect time to do the Freedom To Read Tag! 611 more words


Book Banning by Christopher

I feel that books shouldn’t be banned because there are so many good books that people want to read that would be banned in schools. I feel like there will be some stretches because a school might not want to have a book about inappropriate things or anything along that line. 225 more words


The Freedom To Read Whatever You Want

A few weeks ago it was banned books week, but obviously this is a topic worth talking about all year round. In fact it is something that *must* be discussed all year round. 532 more words


Banned Books Week 5th Annual All-Day Read-Aloud Read-a-thon

September 30th, 2016; San Diego, California. The San Diego Central Library is a place where worlds meet, and not just in terms of books. Just a few blocks from the trendy parts of downtown, the library itself is clean, modern, and beautiful, with art scattered on every available surface. 850 more words

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