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Noi leggiamo libri bannati.

Suggerimenti per la Disfida alla voce libri bannati. Questi sotto furono tutti proibiti in varie biblioteche e scuole americane ed inglesi, in diversi periodi di tempo: 387 more words


Banned Book Challenge or Things I Do at 2AM

It’s 2 am, and I just found this banned books challenge online. And since I have a bad habit of starting things at 2 am (including this blog), I’ve decided I’m going to do the challenge. 161 more words


Banned Books: The Products of Bad Parenting

By Theodora Karamanlis

Parents will always be the base of what shapes our principles, our perspective of the surrounding society, and most importantly, our future selves. 4,721 more words

Bad Parents

Banned Book Week Is Coming!

If you haven’t guessed I love reading. I grew up reading with my parents. Watching them read. My siblings are both avid readers. None of us can spell on the first time, but boy can we write. 451 more words

Censored Books That Will Light Your Fire - Part 2

Welcome to the second and final part of The Best Banned Books, According to Me.

Don’t forget to check out Part 1 if you haven’t already. 1,033 more words


Don’t Over Re-dact


Bookmans Exchange presented this excellent banned book video in 2013. It is still, unfortunately, relevant today.

Book Video

Data collection on banned and challenged books

You know when you are talking with someone and suddenly you wonder, “Wait, how did we get on this subject?” I like to be able to trace back to the original subject, as a kind of memory exercise. 967 more words