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Nebraska university tells students not to say ‘crazy,’ ‘ghetto’ and other bad words

This is from Dana Winter@Nebraska Watchdog.org. 

Political Correctness is running wild at  The University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln has launched a campaign to get students to stop using certain words and phrases including “man up,” “no homo,” “retarded,” “ghetto,” “crazy” and “rape” (out of context). 646 more words

Week 9 Review and Suggested Homework

Week 9

This week in review…


What we covered:

Structure        Purpose           Pattern     Part of Speech       Charts            EEL Tasks

Compound      Declarative        S-Vl-PN      Linking Verbs       K… 666 more words

WSU word ban isn't helping students

Washington State University made national news this week for a few otherwise innocuous syllabi in their Critical Culture, Race and Gender Studies department. The professors in question informed students they would risk lower grades or lost points in classes for using terms the teachers considered offensive in class or in assignments. 1,302 more words

In My Head

Krispy Kreme

OK, the “K” and the “E” aren’t together. I hope Linda doesn’t smack me with the virtual SoCS yardstick. I know, “stick” was last week’s prompt. 535 more words


Instagram removed #sex from it's search directories

This is just one example of the words that are banned from Instagram search. I tried #shit and #fuck which also turn up nothing because Instagram banned the words. 215 more words

New Ban on Sexist Terms

Just when you think politics could not get any stranger, up pops another gaggle of giggles. I have lived through much tragedy and comedy, both personal and political, but this latest gambit on the part of the ultra left-wing astounds me. 434 more words

Language & Writing

Ban The Words List

In the spirit of banning things for petty reasons, it has been proposed by the interstate council of people who have phones that the Banished Words List be, itself, banned. 305 more words