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The Family Gets Offended

One evening the family sat around the dinner table eating when Little Brother let out a foul smelling fart.

“Excuse me.”  Little Brother said politely.  He didn’t mean to let one rip at the dinner table, it just sort of snuck up on him and out of him. 1,227 more words

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Not Just Selfie Sticks...10 Other Things That Are Banned At Disney Parks!

Disney announced last week that Selfie Sticks would be banned in all of it’s theme parks world-wide effective July 1st.

As a guy that LOVES to go to the parks by himself, not being able to use my selfie stick might be a bit of a struggle. 98 more words


dukes of hazzard and nascar pulling the show and the flag

long overdue, tv land  has pulled the dukes of hazzard from reruns because of the confederate flag and to me its been long overdue. same thing with nascar… 88 more words


Islam could be forbidden in France in 2017


The National Front (far-right), which became the largest party in France, is preparing to ban the Islamic religion throughout the French territory.

It is in any case what is currently circulating in many National Front activist groups on Facebook. 241 more words

Daily News

Misleading Title: ALL GAEMS ARE BANNED!!!1!!1!

It seems like we can’t go more than just a few months without see another story arise about a video game being ‘banned’ in Australia or how the Australian ratings system is “broken”. 1,146 more words

Video Games

Day 11

I’m totally through the withdrawals as of now, probably was yesterday too, mild as they may have been. I can sleep with somewhat normalcy now. 272 more words

Virginia bans use of deer urine attractants in hunting

HARRISONBURG, Va. (AP) — Virginia has banned hunters using natural deer urine attractants to lure the animals.

A regulation that goes into effect Wednesday makes it illegal for hunters to possess or use the substance. 103 more words