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Helping or Body Shaming? | Open Discussion

Hey beauties! So I don’t do many posts discussing people or taboo issues since I want my blog to be a very uplifting place but I wanted to do this post because I want to get your thoughts and opinion on this issue. 335 more words


banned love 

Another fight , yes tonight. This time much sooner ,

what ever happened to remorse? No appologies.

Another tug of war with the blankets. no kiss good night. 65 more words

Are we learning anything from Indian TV Shows?

Just putting my thoughts here that are we learning anything from Indian TV shows?

For around 25 years of my life I have watched Indian TV shows. 183 more words

Daily Prompt

Ban Them!

My native land, Nigeria is currently going through recession under the leadership of a government that has taken the country backward by 30 years or more. 160 more words

The Daily Post

Pots & Pans - Apricot Waffles

A week or two ago I found Jerry Baker’s Giant Book of Kitchen Counter Cures at a library book sale. I snapped it up. I turned fifty-nine this month, and although I have always eaten well, I want to consider my future health when I buy and prepare food; I know I can do better. 439 more words

Pots And Pans

Dronesville adventure #11: banned from Dronesville

Banned!!! I cannot say more than this word right now. What happens on this fateful night is beyond anyone’s wildest dream or imagination. The boss and I manage to get into the backyard of the ‘Russian'(which is not Russian as we find out later) mansion, with me again soaked to the bone, this time exotically decorated with a few lively accessories like water lilies but predominantly live baby terrapins stubbornly clinging onto my hair, and some relentlessly fastening their beaks onto my trousers! 597 more words

Amateur Nerd

Love, you are banned.


The moment I saw you,
I knew it was over.

The way you looked at me
Melted the iron bars
Protecting my heart.

Your soul crept in slowly…

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