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An Age Limit at Restaurants?

Listening to a chorus of about a half dozen babies hurl deafening, blood-curdling screams out of their tiny mouths was enough to make me want to stab my own ear drums. 871 more words


US imposes visa restrictions to Patience Jonathan, Orubebe, Gov. Shema and others for inciting election violence

The United States government said on Monday it will impose visa restrictions on the wife of Nigeria’s president, Patience Jonathan, a former Minister 243 more words

Patience Jonathan

United Bans Cyber Security Officer Because of Tweet

The founder of a cyber security company has been banned from flying United after sending a tweet about hacking into airline computers last week.

BBC News… 168 more words


Jail time for misdemeanors in Dubuque could soon be banned

DUBUQUE, Iowa (AP) — Those who commit a misdemeanor in Dubuque soon might not have to worry about bail money.

The Dubuque Telegraph Herald reports that Dubuque City Manager Mike Van Milligen and Assistant City Attorney Maureen Quann will ask the City Council on Monday to eliminate jail time as a penalty for misdemeanor city crimes. 76 more words

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अजीबो-गरीब नियमों और प्रतिबन्धों वाले देश

 हर देश की अपनी ख़ास विशिष्ठता होती है,जिसके कारण वह दुनिया में जाना जाता है.परन्तु कुछ ऐसे देश भी हैं जो अपने अनोखे प्रतिबंधों के कारण जाने जाते हैं.


the Kentucky Derby to fans: don't bring your Selfie Stick

The Selfie Stick has been band at the Kentucky Derby.
Churchill Downs encourages selfies and the avalanche of social media attention they can generate. But banishing selfie sticks is a safety measure to protect the horses and the massive crowd on Derby Day, track spokesman John Asher said. 161 more words


Instagram clarifies rules to ban revenge porn

A message to the lame who was thinking about posting naked pictures of his ex-girlfriend on Instagram, don’t do it. I mean, there are many reasons that you shouldn’t do it, but the biggest would be that Instagram ain’t having it! 290 more words