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Sorry, iBooks users.

Kittie Tussle’s “Thug of the House 2″ got cockblocked by iBook’s censors, so it won’t be available through that channel.

However, because we’re awesome, here’s a link to a free .pdf version. 16 more words


D IS FOR DEGENERATE by Iain Rob Wright

D for Degenerate is the forth installment in Iain Rob Wright’s A-Z of Horror series, and the one that has been BANNED from Amazon.

If you’re anything like me, knowing something has been banned is a huge selling point, and usually the only info I need :) Adding Iain Rob Wright’s name to that fact only upped my obsession level. 247 more words


China's Banned Air Pollution Film

Chai Jing’s Under the Dome film looks into the smog that has become an iconic feature of Chinese cities. The Chinese authorities took a dim view of the film and has banned it, but not before more than 100 million people online viewed it. 145 more words

Climate Change

Having a baby? Don't give him or her a banned name like one of these



RETO Servers Why I think I was banned! (Read my other post 1st)

So does everybody remember when RETO’s back-end server went FUBAR? If you don’t remember it was down for over 24 hours and there was a lot of people not happy about it. 700 more words


Banned by RETO for speaking my mind.

Hello H & G community. I feel like I need to post this blog to let you know what truly happened to my account on H & G. 848 more words