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US Ministers’ Conference Live Stream

Welcome to the US Ministers’ Conference live stream webpage. This year the Banner will be providing a live video stream for all of the conference addresses taking place at our US Ministers’ Conference. 171 more words


"I live by miracle" by John Newton

“I would tell you how it is with me if I could; at the best, it would be an inconsistent account. I am what I would not, and would what I cannot. 277 more words

Quotable Quotes



In addressing what are called ‘the Great Heresies,’ it is important for us to recall that heresies usually represent what Alister McGrath has called ‘a failed attempt at orthodoxy,’ ( 5,318 more words


A New Covenant Command

‘Honour everyone. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honour the emperor’ (1 Peter 2:17). Most reading this will have some idea what it means to honour everyone, to love the brotherhood and to honour the emperor. 1,214 more words


‘Necessary Reading for Every Pastor’

At the 2016 Shepherd’s Conference, Al Mohler, Ligon Duncan, and John MacArthur discussed books that have left a lasting impact on their lives and ministries. They pointed out two Banner titles that we have decided to put on sale, through May 3rd. 175 more words


Does the Church need Repentance?

We noticed recently a leading religious commentator acknowledging that the West will collapse without a Christian revival. There is no doubt that we are in the midst of a rapid moral decay. 1,781 more words


Faith Unfeigned – A Review by Brian Garrard

This is a new translation by Robert-White of four sermons by John Calvin (JC). First published in 1552, the original title (in English) was ‘Four sermons of Master John Calvin, entreating of matters very profitable for our time, with a brief Exposition of Psalm 87.’ Included here are three letters by JC, one of the recipients being Edward VI of England. 756 more words