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A special outing, for special children. Ragihalli, 160318

Today (16th Mar, ’18), I took the children of

Snehadhara Foundation

for an outdoor/nature trip to Ragihalli. Was the trip worth it? Emphatically, yes! The children smelt some fruit, felt the texture of some leaves, got distracted by the butterflies…and took care of each other in the most heartwarming way. 591 more words

Bannerghatta National Park, Monthly Bird Survey, 100318

Since I was not able to go for the inaugurual (Feb ’18) monthly bird survey, I went to participate in the March survey.

The survey is across four ranges, Anekal, Bannerghatta, Harohalli and Kodigere, and will be held on the second Saturday of every month for a year, to give a holistic picture of bird life in the Bannerghatt National Park over the annual period. 307 more words

Ragihalli with Pramiti School, 190218

I took 16 children from

Pramiti School


Adavi Field Station

AFS. Adavi Field Station, Onte Maren Doddi, Ragihalli (Post), Anekal(Taluk), Bengaluru, Karnataka 560083

Here’s the view of the beautiful rock formations of Bannerghatta National Park from the road: 252 more words

Crows using vehicles to crack seed pods! Ragihalli, 211017

I had read about how crows put nuts and seed pods in the way of approaching vehicles on roads and then eat the cracked nut. 168 more words

The Yellow Submarine ~ Under Food Journey !

                                     Well before you relate anything to the actual watercraft Submarine , let me clarify on The Yellow Submarine ! This one is definitely not under water rather it’s well on land and in the Bannerghatta suburbs of Bangalore city ! 1,043 more words


Valley Outing, 021017

Gandhiji said India lives in her villages, but today, on the anniversary of his birth, we decided that she also lives in the variety of life forms that she has! 838 more words