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Banned Book Week

Oh how I wish one of my books would hit the banned book category. I for one have and will read anything I’m told I shouldn’t read. 142 more words

What We Lose When We Ban Books (a reblog from Kevin M English)

Kevin English is an English Language Arts educator, school board member, and teaching consultant. He also writes a fantastic blog. This morning he took on the subject of banning books. 69 more words


Trigger Warnings Have A Purpose

It has become fashionable to bash trigger warnings and the people who use them. Some folks argue that it’s censorship to provide advance warning that difficult content may be ahead. 1,155 more words


Something Wicked This Way Comes & Why Writers Could Be in Great Danger

Today, we are going to take a bit of a sideline from our acrostic. Over the holiday weekend, I was resting up from a nasty bout of bronchitis and puttering around Facebook. 1,794 more words

Kristen Lamb

"Trigger Warnings" on Books

According to the New York Times, so-called “trigger warnings” are being proposed in a few colleges on syllabi containing books or movies that may “trigger” discomfort for students. 314 more words

Non-fiction Writings

Editorial: Censoring Seuss is a new kind of low

B.C. is a province that has a few prats,

who have little brains ’bout the size of a gnat’s,

If they see a small book that they think isn’t right, 216 more words


Book Banning and Inspiration

The written word is intended to stir our intellect in a variety of ways. Books throughout history have become the targets of those who would prefer to silence ideas different from their own, but the power of freethinking and free expression is hard-wired into the human brain, I think. 646 more words

Lesbian Fiction

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Look at what is being banned and you will know what is a threat.