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There are worse crimes than burning books. One of them is not reading them.

-Joseph Brodsky

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Libraries Engaging with Patrons: Flash and Substance, Too?

In “Let’s Ban (Paper) Books,” Marc Prensky asks a provocative question: “Which traditional campus will be the first to go entirely bookless?” Unfortunately, his argument seems to rely more on flash than on substance: the recurring theme in his article is that to do so will “make some institution famous” (he hammers this point home repeatedly, saying it will “ a bold statement,” or ensure that the institution in question “will […] be long remembered”). 741 more words

The UK ban on sending books to prisoners

I was very pleased to hear last year that the ban on sending books to prisoners in England and Wales, introduced by the UK Government in November 2013, was declared unlawful by the High Court.  754 more words


Books I Refuse to Read - volume 2

Here is the long-awaited sequel to “Books I Refuse to Read”. Seriously, these are not worth reading.*


Grime and Punishment – An impoverished student in czarist Russia learns his landlady won’t return his security deposit if he doesn’t clean up his apartment. 200 more words

Dangerous ideas

The Merriam Webster dictionary define dystopia as “an imaginary place where people are unhappy and usually afraid because they are not treated fairly.” It is also used to describe a society where the negative forces have the upper hand, for example dictatorship, crime and environmental collapse.

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I Dreamed Of Being A Teacher Once...

At one time, I was admonished to become an English teacher. I would be a good one they said. And I truly thought that one day I would be. 854 more words

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